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Working on Shapes

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It didn’t seem like that long ago that I was working on shapes with my oldest.  Now that Chipmunk is 3 1/2, she mastered the shapes and it’s her brother’s turn to begin learning all about circles and squares!  I wanted to show the kids we can find shapes everywhere, so we used some every day objects to trace some shapes.


For the circle, we used a regular drinking glass.


For the square, I used a block of post-it notes.


For the triangle, I used a toy from the shape sorter.

I covered the paper in contact paper before tracing the shapes in order to save time at the tail end of things.  This way, we could find a shape, trace it, and cut it right out and it would already be “laminated”.



Once your shapes are completed, you could play a few different games with them.  I made all of mine blue so we could really concentrate on the shapes, but you could make several colors and work on colors at the same time.


To begin, you could have the kids sort the shapes.

You could also ask for a specific shape and have them hand it to you.

I also saw a cute idea about a shape monster over at Hubbard’s Cupboard who is hungry for a specific shape.  The rhyme goes like this:

Shape Monster, Shape Monster

Munch, Munch, Munch

How about a {triangle} for your lunch? 

You could make a sock puppet monster and pretend to eat whatever shape you ask for, complete with sound effects, of course.

With Monsters University (movie) coming out, you could even try to recreate some of those monsters using shapes.

More Shapes Around the House!

We also looked at and sorted our wooden blocks by shapes.


Yesterday, I talked about using ice to cool off, but you could also use muffin tins to make some icy circles!

Shapes Ice Cubes (3)

The possibilities are endless!

What fun shape activities do you like?

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