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FREE: My Little Pony Coloring Sheets

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Check out this packet of free My Little Pony Coloring Sheet printables! They’re all the top characters in a free printable format for the kids to decorate.

Print them in black and white, grab the crayons or markers, and let the kids have a blast! They can color the ponies just like they are on the show or make something new and colorful!

Even though these are directed toward kids, adults can also join in the coloring fun! You can never have too much creativity happening, no matter the age!

What are the characters of My Little Pony?

The world of “My Little Pony” is home to a vibrant cast of characters that provide hours of fun and offer valuable educational lessons to its audience. Each pony in the magical land of Equestria represents unique elements of harmony like kindness, laughter, honesty, generosity, loyalty, and magic.

The main characters, known as the “Mane Six,” include Twilight Sparkle, the knowledgeable leader; Rarity, the generous fashionista; Applejack, the embodiment of honesty; Fluttershy, who is synonymous with kindness; Rainbow Dash, who showcases unmatched loyalty; and Pinkie Pie, the spirit of laughter itself.

These colorful and endearing ponies teach children about friendship, compassion, and overcoming challenges while entertaining them with magical adventures.

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How does coloring help with hand-eye coordination?

Coloring, often seen as a simple pastime for children, is not only educational but also a fun activity with numerous developmental benefits, including enhancing hand-eye coordination. This coordination is crucial for various activities throughout life, such as writing, typing, and sports.

Individuals, especially children, must color within defined lines when they engage in coloring activities. This action demands the brain to process visual information, translate it to a motor plan, and direct the hands to move by what the eyes see, strengthening the coordination between them.

Moreover, the fun aspect of coloring is undeniable; it allows creativity to flourish while subtly reinforcing this complex neural process.

The colorful outcomes are visually rewarding and significantly beneficial to the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye synchronization.

Should parents keep all the artwork that kids do?

That’s the million-dollar question! If you have room to display all the artwork, display it. But if you don’t, then choices have to be made!

Some people will rotate our pictures that showcase their child’s various coloring skills, while others will pick two and add them to frames. Talk about a fun way to create one-of-a-kind artwork in the house!

And if you can’t decide what you want to keep or not, why not mail them to family and friends? This can be a simple way to spread cheer and artwork to those you love. Everyone loves receiving items in the mail that aren’t bills!



Should I laminate coloring pages?

Laminating coloring pages children have colored can be an excellent idea for several reasons. Firstly, it preserves their creative work, turning a moment of fun and education into a lasting keepsake.

By laminating these pages, you protect them against wear and tear, spills, and the fading effects of time. Moreover, coloring is not only a delightful activity but also educational benefits. It aids in developing fine motor skills and color recognition and serves as a springboard for discussing themes related to the coloring pages.

Laminating their artwork can further instill a sense of accomplishment in children, showcasing their effort and allowing them to display their art proudly.

Consequently, this could inspire them to engage more deeply with educational activities, reaffirming that learning can be entertaining and rewarding.

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What is included in this free coloring packet?

This fun MLP printable coloring packet was created for My Little Pony fans! Each page has just one pony, and it’s large enough for little hands to color and do their best to stay inside the lines.

The ponies are all black and white, so there is lots of space to have the kids use their favorite colors to complete the pictures. They can complete them to look just like the characters or make an all-new look for fun!

Have them color with crayons, markers, colored pencils – or anything else that inspires them to be creative!

More Fun Coloring Activities for Kids

Coloring isn’t just about staying within the lines—it’s a doorway to learning that merges fun with education for kids. When children choose crayons to breathe vibrancy into a black-and-white sketch, they’re not just creating art but unwittingly picking up a spectrum of skills.

From recognizing colors and harnessing motor abilities to fostering focus and creativity, coloring activities are a bundle of joy-filled learning.

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Take it further by introducing themed coloring worksheets that teach about animals, plants, or numbers. Organize a group coloring session where social skills can flourish alongside hues and shades.

Remember, every splash of color on the page is a playful stroke of knowledge for the young minds at play.

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