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7 Toddler Sports Toys to Get Them Playing!

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If you have older kids that are into sports or are a family that loves sports, your toddler is more than likely going to want to follow along with what the older kids and family are doing.

Once you are educated on how to find safe toddler toys, it is a great time to get them some toddler toys!

I’ve picked out 7 toddler sports toys to get them playing to share with you and they all look so fun!

7 toddler sports toys to get them playing

Toddler Sports Toys

Many of these toys are ones that will grow with your child for several years, so in addition to having something fun for your child – you are also making a smart purchase! As an added bonus – these toddler sports toys are all items that are going to get your child moving while they are playing! It is a great way to keep your child active – but also help them burn off some energy through playing!


Little Tikes Clearly Sports Hockey

Each set comes with two hockey sticks and two hockey pucks that are great for beginners. They have molded-in ‘gliders’ on bottom of the puck to make it easy to hit and allows the puck to slide long distances as well! Plus, each puck contains colored balls. The pucks easily store inside each stick and easily pop out when you’re ready to play which makes it easy to store!


Little Tikes TotSports T-Ball Set

This awesome beginning T-ball set includes an easy-to-use oversize bat, 2 oversize baseballs, and the Tee. It has an adjustable height “T” that adapts to a child’s developing skills. It also has a special “hang-on-the-wall” design for easy small-space storage. This helps improve batting skills, motor skills, and coordination.


Little Tikes Totsports Easy Hit Golf Set

Get your tyke into the swing of things with this Easy Hit Golf Set. The rolling cart holds two clubs (a putter and a driver) and three oversize golf balls. The set comes with its own all-surface “hole,” allowing for easy play anywhere. All of the components are made of durable heavy-duty plastic, ensuring that this set will stand up to your little pro’s heavy hitting.



Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set

This mini hockey goal set is made of high-impact 1.3-inch plastic tubing and has precision-fit goal couplings to ensure rigid construction. It comes with soft EVA foam mini balls that are fun and safe to use. It has an all-weather pre-fit polyester net so you can set it up inside or outside. This includes 1 mini goal, 2 mini sticks, and 2 mini balls.



Fisher-Price I Can Play Basketball

The Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Junior Basketball makes learning to play basketball fun and easy. Beginners start out playing with the Sure Score rim that guides the ball into the basket to maximize scoring and minimize frustration. As kids’ shooting skills improve, the Sure Score rim can be removed and the hoop height can be raised so they can take their game to the next level. This includes the Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Junior Basketball hoop, removable Sure Score rim, and inflatable kid-sized ball.



Set of 4 Sports Balls for Kids

This 4 piece set of foam ball sport pack is designed for your growing sports fanatic. They help promote active play and hand eye coordination. They make a great gift for toddler who loves sports and they are designed for small hands. These are made to look and feel just like traditional balls. These soft bounce balls are great for indoor and outdoor use. That means that they can provide hours of fun no matter where you are! This sport pack includes a football, a basketball, a soccer ball, and a tennis ball.



Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball

The Fisher-Price Grow to Pro Triple Hit Baseball will be a hit with kids of all ages because it adjusts to every skill level. Beginners can hit from the tee, and when they’re ready to move up, a simple adjustment switches the battery-powered trainer to pop-up pitch play. And for pros? They learn to hit balls that are pitched to them by the automatic trainer from up to 10 feet away. Before you know it, they’ll be hitting for the fences. The Fisher-Price Triple Hit Baseball Set includes the battery-powered trainer, bat, and 3 balls.

Toddler Sports Toys to Get Them Playing

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Meghan Jensen

Thursday 18th of February 2016

Oh my goodness my son would love ALL of these! He is finally getting to that age where he is taking an interest in sports (like his daddy). Thanks for the ideas!


Monday 15th of February 2016

These are all great sports activities for little ones!!! My daughter has that basketball hoop and just loves it!

Bites for Babies

Monday 15th of February 2016

We had a similar baseball set and golf set and my son loved them! His interest in them didn't last as long as I wish it had though. !

Mimi Green

Monday 15th of February 2016

Great list, my daughter is four but doesn't have any of these toys. When my son was her age he had several of these toys.

Funny how gender translates,.

Lisa Rios

Monday 15th of February 2016

These are some wonderful sports based toys for toddlers. I am loving that Franklin Sports NHL Mini Hockey Goal Set & the Basketball toy so much among all these.