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Christmas Calendar Gift Idea!

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There is just something about those adorable little hand prints and foot prints.  I just can’t resist them!  This year, I decided to make calendars for each of the day care kids to give to their parents as a Christmas gift.  I scooped up some super cute calendars at Michael’s for $1 each and we’ve been working on filling in the pages a little bit at a time.

Kids Calendar

Of course, you can complete the project all in one day, but if you’ve got ticklish kids, it might be a little difficult!

Whatever you decide, working on the calendar is a great time to review days of the week as well as months and seasons.

Here’s what we created:

January: Penguin

January Footprint

Beware of ticklish feet!

February: Hearts

February Hand Print

I decided to try a stamp pad with this one because it dries so much faster and is way less messy.  However, the color isn’t nearly as bold so I think we’ll go back to paint.

March: Cross

Cross Tape Resist

Cross for Easter

Since Easter is in March next year, I thought it would be appropriate to do a tape-resist cross (get the full directions here).  It’s super simple and a great reminder about what Easter is all about!

April: Butterfly

Butterfly Handprint

I think this is the project that ignited my whole hand print craze.  I saw it on Pinterest and was hooked!

May: Flowers


This is the perfect gift for a Mother all month long!

June: Fish

Making fish shirt (1)

This is one isn’t on our calendar yet, but you may remember our Fish shirt from June.  Same idea!

July: Flag

Isn’t this adorable?  Picture taken from Fun Handprint Art Blog.  If you’d rather do another tape resist project, check out the flag painting project from July.

July Fireworks

For us, the flag looked a little too complicated for toddlers, so we did a glitter fireworks instead!

August: Bee

Bee Footprint

This one I just love!  Could it BEEE any cuter?

September: Rocket

Rocket Footprint

I absolutely love this rocket idea I spotted over at “That’s Adorable” via Pinterest.

October: Owl

Owl Nov 1 (4)

We did this one during our O is for Owl week.  I spotted the idea over at Meet the Dubiens, one of my favorite blogs.

 November: Turkey

Turkey handprint

Naturally, we did a Turkey for Thanksgiving!

December: Christmas Tree

I also spotted a few other cute December ideas after we had done this, like this adorable Wise Men on camels!

What About You?

What cute kid-crafted gifts are you creating this year?

Sharing is caring!