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The Guide to Understanding Chamomile Essential Oils

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Find yourself wanting more information about chamomile essential oils? You’ll find out a ton of great information and so much here!

It’s no secret that there are great benefits of chamomile oil. Whether they help you with health problems or issues with your nervous system, roman chamomile essential oil may be great for you and your skin care needs.

Instead of sitting and wondering what exactly is chamomile plants and how does it work. Let’s dive into a little bit of the history about Chamomile Essential Oils. 

ultimate guide to chamomile oils

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The Chamomile Essential Oils

What is the difference between Roman chamomile oil and German chamomile oil? This is a question I hear quite often. The answer is simple. Although there are some similarities between the two, there are also some very important differences.

Roman chamomile oil is derived from Chamaemelum Nobile (a roman chamomile plant), while German chamomile oil is derived from Matricaria chamomilla. Basically, they are derived from two different plants of the same family. Both are chamomile. It is much the same as with all similar plants.

For example, lemon, bergamot, and grapefruit essential oils are all derived from the peels of the fruit. They all have different properties and are used in different ways, but they are all known as citrus essential oils.

*Please know that Roman essential oil and German essential oil should not be used by pregnant women. Roman chamomile oil should not be used by persons who have ragweed allergies.*

Within the practice of aromatherapy, Roman chamomile oil is used to lower stress and improve mood while German chamomile oil is used to ease skin conditions. Both have other healing properties and are used for several ailments, but these are the primary two.

Roman chamomile oil, also known as English chamomile oil, is a little cheaper than the German counterpart. However, German chamomile is used more often.

the guide to understanding Chamomile essential oils

Keeping in mind that essential oils are extremely potent and should be heavily diluted. If you’re looking for varying ways to use essential oils, here are a few simple ways to use them.

Roman Essential Oils

By far, the most common and popular way to use this oil is in the bathtub at night. Five to ten drops in a full tub of warm water should be sufficient depending on how much you enjoy the smell of it. It will help the muscles relax into sleep. Used regularly, it will counter the problems associated with insomnia.

Another great way to use this oil is to put no more than two drops of the oil on a napkin. Hold the napkin over your nose and take a deep breath. This method should be used when you are feeling anxiety coming on.

One other method is to add a drop of oil to a carrier oil, such as almond oil or coconut oil, and apply topically. This method is used to ease cramps associated with PMS. Simply rub the lotion onto your abdomen.

It is best to add the essential oil to the amount of oil that you plan on using in one massage rather than to an entire bottle or jar. Think of it as a simple way to make your own DIY massage oils.

German Essential Oils

Steam inhalation is a common method used for German chamomile. Put two or three drops in a bowl of warm water and let it set in the room while you sleep. The steam distilled scent will flow through the air and you can then inhale the vapors to help open airways. This is a popular treatment among asthma sufferers.

Another popular method is to use a lotion. A lotion can be made in much the same way as with Roman chamomile, but it is usually used to treat skin conditions, such as eczema or insect bites, instead of cramps. Simply apply it to the affected area.

As you can see, when building your collection of oils, chamomile is certainly one you want to add to your kit!

chamomile oils guide including differences between roman and german

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