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20+ Thanksgiving Appetizers You’re Sure to Love

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One of the biggest part of my holiday feast planning is coming up with fun Thanksgiving Appetizers. These recipes, though? More awesome than awesome.

I seriously can’t wait to try out making some of these recipes for Thanksgiving dinner this year. Some of them sound so yummy, I may need to try them out before the big day, you know, just in case.

20+ Thanksgiving Appetizer Recipes to enjoy this holiday season

If you’re in serious Thanksgiving dinner planning mode, you’re sure to need some ideas for drinks, too, so don’t miss out on these 30+ Mocktails for Kids that will pair perfectly with some whine and “where’s the mashed potatoes?”

In all seriousness, though, if it’s Thanksgiving you’re planning, these are the best pre-dinner dishes you need to make. So, if you’re ready to make a good and tasty appetizer for Thanksgiving, let’s rock this.

What Are Good Thanksgiving Appetizers?

Ok. Look, you’re going to be super surprised, I’m sure, but Thanksgiving appetizers can pretty much be anything you want. I mean, this is your dinner, your hors d’oeuvres, so if you want to have classic appetizer recipes or if you want to have crazy finger foods–you’re planning the holiday parties, make yourself happy.

That being said, some of my favorite appetizer recipes include things like:

  • Sweet Potato or Butternut Squash Tarts
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Cream Cheese or Goat Cheese Balls
  • Baked Brie Cheese Dip
  • Stuffed Mushrooms with Red Pepper and Feta Cheese
  • Pomegranate Seeds
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Puff Pastry Stuffed with Anything

Now, with all those in mind, I’m pretty sure that if you want a crowd pleaser appetizer, you’re definitely going to find something amazing in this list!

20 delicious thanksgiving appetizers and dips

How to Serve Thanksgiving Appetizers:

Look, whether it’s your first time to host Thanksgiving dinner or if it’s your fiftieth, you probably aren’t prepared. I know that I NEVER feel like I am. So, I am making a list of all the things I need to help me both MAKE Thanksgiving dinner and how to serve my Thanksgiving appetizers so that I don’t have to worry about that part of the day.

The following items are affiliate links on Amazon because they may be a bit hard to find in your normal store.  I wanted you to be able to see exactly which things I’m talking about.



Over 20 delicious Thanksgiving appetizers

Where are the Thanksgiving Appetizers?

Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I’m so hungry talking about making Thanksgiving dinner appetizers (they’re kind of my favorite part). So, if you’re ready, here we go.

Thanksgiving Appetizers

More Tips for Making Thanksgiving Appetizers

Look, I want your Thanksgiving to be as stress-free as possible. So, I have some tips for making Thanksgiving appetizers so that you’re not a ball of nerves on the big T-day.

  • Make ahead anything that you can. If you can make an appetizer or dessert and freeze it, do it. waiting until the last minute is not a good idea and you’ll feel rushed and super duper stressed.
  • Find as many ways to use your Instant Pot or crock pot that you can. The more things you can do to keep the oven off or in use for just the big things, the happier you’ll be. That’s valuable real estate and REALLY HOT.

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