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30 Afternoon Snacks Kids Can Make

Once the school year begins, kids basically turn into all-consuming food disposal machines. In the afternoons, they’re ready to eat every. single. thing. in the refrigerator. But as they grow, it’s worth the effort to teach them to make their own snacks. It helps them learn to be self-sufficient, it teaches them responsibility, and it …

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Vacation Bible School Snack Ideas

Each summer, lots of kids get set to attend Vacation Bible School! For school planners and parents, though, getting everyone ready can be a challenge. After all, kids need to eat…A LOT. How can you keep lots of kids satisfied during VBS? Feed them! But no one has time to spend hours putting complicated snacks …

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Pizzaria Snack Mix

Coming up with creative snacks for my family is something I love to do. With three kids in my household, there is a lot of snacking going on! Buying prepackaged snacks gets very expensive and can easily break the grocery budget. Having snacks on hand helps keep my budget on track and keeps the kids happy! …

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