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Scary Cute Printable Monster Lunch Box Notes

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These Printable Monster Lunch Box Notes are the perfect way to make your silly monster smile at school. Sending love notes in your child’s lunch is so much fun and since these are Halloween-themed, they’re perfect for this time of year!

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Putting these silly monster lunch notes into their lunchboxes is a simple way to make the kids’ lunches fun lunches!

Don’t miss out on the printable lunch box notes for Halloween below!

Not only are these free Halloween lunchbox notes for kids, but they’re super cute as well. It’s always fun to share family humor with the kids, even when they’re not at home!

Who says that monsters have to be scary? These monsters are super cute!

What comes with this free printable Halloween lunch box printable?

These Printable Monster Lunch Box Notes are what this printable is all about! It’s as easy as printing, cutting them out, and popping them in the lunch.

You’ll get a lot of really cute lunch printables that you can hide in the daily lunches that they take from home.

What it includes:

These lunch box notes for kids include several pages worth of printable cute notes. They have pictures of cute monsters on them and supportive and positive words of encouragement for the kids.

Fun ways to use this printable:

Use these lunch box notes for kids in other fun ways as well! Some simple ideas are listed below. Think outside the box and add your own ideas to the list!

There is always room for more ways to have a blast with these printable lunch notes!

Make fun monster meals for the day

Making spooky lunch box meals can be a great thing to add to this printable. It’s an easy way to make lunch even more fun for the kids!

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These can be simple snacks as well, so don’t stress out thinking that you have to do a ton or anything elaborate.

Here are a few fun Monster Recipes to include:

Hide them in other places besides their lunch box

These are cute and work for silly notes as well. These can go in their shoes, their sock drawer, or even in the gym bag for an extra pop of surprise fun!

Hand them out to family and friends

Kids don’t get to have all the fun, right? You can easily hand these out to family and friends as well to put a smile on their faces.

Sharing is caring and these are too cute to pass up!

More Printable Lunch Box Notes:

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