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Kitchen Tips: Saving Money on Bread

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Buying bread from the store is what most people do. But, what if you could make your own bread at home? Could you save money over buying it from the store?

Bread is a staple in most of our households. You make sandwiches with it or use it to accompany a meal. It is the one carbohydrate that most everyone agrees on. Bread comes in different shapes and forms: loaf, baguette, bagel, muffin, roll or crust like with pizza.

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But, just like everything else, bread is getting expensive too. What if there was a way to save money on it? There is. You can make it at home.

Making bread at home

We are not talking about making bread the traditional way but with a bread machine. With traditional bread making, what you would save on ingredients is eaten up in time. It isn’t very cost effective if you eat bread a lot. Significant amounts of your time would be spent in the prep stages before baking.

When it comes to using a bread machine, many have the same worries. Because there are so many varieties of bread machine on the market, you can spend under $100 and make your money back in no time.

First, choose the breads you want to make. All bread machines are not handy for every type of bread. A more expensive version may be needed if you will use it for a variety of breads and rolls. A larger bread machine may be practical for those who bake often.

You can invest by buying ingredients in bulk. Most bread machines use the same type of ingredients for bread with a few exceptions. You can catch a break by buying in quantity.

The bread machine offers several helpful options for those trying to save money. One, you can make several kinds of dough and then freeze them for later. This is not time consuming in the machine and then you can thaw and bake your bread whenever you need it. It avoids spoiled bread and waste.

Second, you can use the rapid bake cycle found on some machines. If you need bread fast, you can have it baked in under an hour. It beats spending gas driving to the store and paying for one loaf of bread.

Third, the entire family can learn to make bread. This is a help for a busy mom who doesn’t always have time to bake. Her family can help.

Look at the cost of a bread machine. For what you pay for the machine and what you spend in bread each month, you can save money by making your own bread at home whenever your family needs it.

Over the next few weeks, I will be bringing you several kitchen tips to help you use your bread machine to its full potential.

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Susie @Bowdabra

Saturday 18th of May 2013

Hey there! Thanks so much for visiting our blog and linking up such an awesome project! Have a great week!


Georgina Clatworthy

Wednesday 15th of May 2013

Great article. After flirting with the idea of getting a bread machine a few years back I finally took the plunge about 6 months ago - got to say I haven't looked back since!! All the family love the fresh bread (and cakes), only problem is it is really affecting the waistline!! I have found trial and error is essential to baking the perfect loaf, despite what the instruction book tells you! I would recommend investing in a bread machine as I have found the cost of making my own to be less than half the cost of buying it from the bakers or local grocery store.


Friday 17th of May 2013

Trial and error - that is SO true! :-)