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Super-Cute Dinosaur Lunch Box Notes for Kids

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These Dinosaur Lunch Box Notes for Kids are going to be a huge hit! Since dinosaurs are always something fascinating to kids, why not stick one or two of these adorable lunch box notes into their lunches to truly make their day?

Can you imagine the smiles on their faces when they open up their lunchbox and have one of these free and fun printables just sitting there, waiting? They’ll love that you thought of them!

Give them a bright spot in their day easily with these fun dinosaur printables!

Super-Cute Dinosaur Lunch Box Notes for Kids

What I love about these lunchbox notes is that they’re great for boys and girls. As long as they’re fans of dinosaurs, that’s all that really matters.

You can easily print these off for daily fun or keep it random so it’s a surprise. However you decide to do it is certain to be a hit.

What is this Dinosaur Lunch Box Notes for Kids printable?

It’s just like it sounds! This printable is meant to be printed off and placed inside their lunchbox for later.

Then, once they pop open that lid, they’ll love that one of the first things that their eyes see (besides dessert!) is this adorable love note printable!

What it includes:

This fun dinosaur printable includes some of the cutest little dinosaur cards and pictures, ever.

Some of the fun sayings that will be on the cards are:

  • Have a Roar’n Good Day
  • Stand Tall

And more. Plus, each card comes with a cartoon dinosaur drawn on it as well.

Super-Cute Dinosaur Lunch Box Notes for Kids

Fun ways to use this printable:

Just because it’s meant to be used for fun lunchbox notes doesn’t mean that you can’t find other ways to use this printable!

Study the dinosaurs pictured on the card

If your child loves dinosaurs, it just makes sense to dive deeper and learn even more about them. You can start by studying the dinosaur that is listed on the card to find out all you can about it.

Print them out and hide them in library books

These would also make super fun bookmarks so why not print them out and head to the library. All you and your child would need to do is pick a few good books to put them into and that’s it!

Mail them to someone else who loves dinosaurs

Bringing a smile to someone’s face is one of the best things, ever. Just print out the lunchbox notes, put them in the mail, and know that you’re about to bring a smile to someone else in a very short amount of time.

Super-Cute Dinosaur Lunch Box Notes for Kids

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