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Punny (and Funny!) Printable At The Farm Lunch Box Notes

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Don’t miss out on these Printable At The Farm Lunch Box Notes! They’re the perfect lunch box notes for any child that loves farming and farm animals, or is just really for a good laugh or smile!

What better way to let your child know that you’re with them during the day, even when they’re away at school?

They’ll love being able to open up their lunch box and see this adorable farm lunch box note just sitting there and waiting for them. It’s certain to be a huge highlight during their day!

at the farm lunchbox notes to print out

I also really love these farm note printables because they’re punny as well. I’m never too old for a good pun and kids tend to like them, too.

Kids love to know that, no matter what, they’re thought about and loved and these simple printables will show them just that!

What is this Printable At The Farm Lunch Box Notes printable?

It’s really just like it sounds. It’s fun printable little love notes, of “just thinking about you notes”, that you can print out, cut out, and pop into your child’s lunchbox.

That’s literally all the effort that you have to do. And for very little effort, it gives such a huge reward and sense of happiness to your child!

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What it includes:

In this farm printable, there are several options for some of the cutest farm animal puns, ever.

And just because I can’t pass up the chance to be punny, here is an example of one of my favorite lunchbox notes in the set:

“No horsing around – You’re Incredible!”

And of course, there’s the cutest little picture of a horse included right there on the sheet.

at the farm lunchbox notes to print out

Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though the easiest thing to do is to print them off and put them in their lunchbox, there are a few other fun ways that you can easily use this printable as well.

Use them as inspiration

When you love puns, there’s literally no stopping you. And sometimes, this means that you get to use other printables as a fun inspiration to help you think of even more.

Sit down with your child and make up your own puns that you can easily think of in a breeze. Then you can even create your own lunchbox notes for later.



Print them out and mail them to family and friends

Who wouldn’t love to get one of these adorable cards in the mail? It’s such a simple way to bring a smile to someone’s face with minimal effort and time.

Learning Printables and Activities

These are excellent resources for kids! They’ll love being a part of the learning process from start to finish.

Hang them up on their wall for future giggles

Don’t just print these out and use them once and toss them! Instead, let your child keep them and cherish them any way that they want.

Give them some tape to stick up on their ways or let them be creative in how they want to save or display them.

at the farm lunchbox notes to print out

More Printable Farm Activities:

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