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Adorable Animal Jokes Lunch Box Notes

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These Animal Jokes Lunch Box Notes are too cute to pass up! Not too mention, they’re really fun, too. These simple notes are a great way to make a kid’s day, all with the ease of adding these printable lunchbox notes to your child’s lunch.

They’re short and sweet and a great way to get your child to smile throughout their entire school lunch.

If you’ve been wanting some funny lunch boxed notes, these are the ones for you. (and don’t worry, you can still stick some cute and random loves notes in their as well!)

animal jokes lunchbox notes to print out

Let’s face it…the school year can be quite long for kids. But these animal-themed lunch box notes can be a simple way to make the days go by faster with ease.

Plus, your child just might be the hit of the table when they show off the funny and cute school jokes that you’ve placed inside their lunchbox!

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What are these Animal Jokes Lunch Box Note printables?

These printables are really just for fun. They’re joke cards that you can print off and place in your child’s lunchbox in hopes that when they open it up, they’ll be happy to see a funny joke and cute animal picture waiting for them.

These free printables are really a great way to bond with your child, even when you’re not together.



What it includes:

This joke printables include several sheets of animal jokes that are appropriate for younger children.

And if you’re wanting a teaser to see what kind of jokes you can expect, I’ll let this one do the talking for me.

“What do you call a deer that costs a dollar?” – A Buck!

See how cute and simple these jokes are? They’re certain to draw some laughs!

animal jokes lunchbox notes to print out

Fun ways to use this printable:

Just because these printables are all about the jokes, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use them in other ways.

Below you’ll find some other simple ideas on how to use these joke printables for kids.

Trade them with other kids for new jokes

There are so many jokes out there and such little time. Have your child keep their joke card in the hopes that they’ll be able to trade it off with someone else for a different joke as well.

Draw the animals on the cards

If the same jokes start to get tiring, have your child take a break and test out their drawing skills instead. They can easily do their best at attempting to draw the animal on the card.

Mail someone a joke in the mail

While these are perfect for school lunches, they’re also a great size to mail in the mail as well. Just print, cut out, mail, and let the good times roll!

animal jokes lunchbox notes to print out

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