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Frankenstein Hair Cutting Printable Set

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Do you want some super fun fine motor skills activities for the kids? This Frankenstein Hair Cutting Printable Set is perfect for Halloween! They’ll love having cutting printables to work on their scissors skills.

This is a super spooky fun activity for the Halloween season – and one that kids will love! Print this freebie, grab the scissors, and get started!

Who says that monsters have to be scary? Use these monster printables as a fun way to let the kids see those silly faces and give them a haircut.

This is a cute activity for early learners to gain confidence in their cutting skills and abilities! Once they get started, they’re going to be having a blast.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

The great thing about this printable Frankenstein activity is that it targets younger kids. This is the perfect way to give them confidence and show them that by following directions and taking their time, they can easily create something unique and full of learning.

Each page offers practice to work on following the lines with their scissors. If they don’t want to use their scissors, they can easily follow the lines with a pen or pencil, too.

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    What it includes:

    This freebie includes multiple pages of cutting fun. Each page has a different expression from Frankenstein on the page, keeping the kids smiling and looking forward to doing so.

    They’ll be able to work on following the lines to cut the hair and have fun doing so!

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    Fun ways to use this printable:

    While this hair-cutting printable might seem pretty straightforward and simple, that doesn’t mean you can’t think of other fun activities to pair with the printable.

    Here are some great ideas and activities to try with the kids!

    Create a story about Frankenstein

    This unique and complex creature has become an icon in popular culture, inspiring countless books, films, and even Halloween costumes.

    However, for young children, Frankenstein may seem scary and intimidating.

    To help ease these fears and promote creativity, encouraging little kids to create their own silly story about Frankenstein is a fun and engaging activity.

    By encouraging playful language and outrageous plot points, young writers can learn the art of storytelling while having a blast.

    Color Frankenstein

    Since the pages are printed in black and white, that leaves a ton of creative fun for coloring and creating Frankenstein to look unique.

    The kids can color his face and eyes and decorate the free, clear space around his hair. Now is the time to let them show their creativity!

    They might even be able to create a fun Halloween decoration to hang up on the fridge. It’s always fun to see what kids can create.

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    Practice more cutting skills

    Learning how to use scissors doesn’t have to be super stressful. Once the kids get their confidence up from cutting their hair, they might be ready for other fun cutting activities!

    They can cut straight lines and squares or do their best to cut a circle. Slowing down and taking your time is the trick to getting better at using scissors.

    The more that they practice, the better that they’re going to be. You can even just give them blank pieces of paper or old newspapers and magazine pages to work on their cutting skills.



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