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Letter I Worksheets for Early Learners

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These Letter I Worksheets are perfect for helping with letter identification and uppercase and lowercase letters. Once they get through this book, they’re going to have no issue identifying the letter I! This is perfect for them to continue learning the letters of the alphabet. Be sure to check out my other alphabet printables for even more learning activities.

With fun tracing options and coloring options, they’re easily going to have the worksheets look like their very own works of art! This is a fun way to let them be creative – while learning!

What I love about this printable pack is that they have a lot of different elements to them. They’ll trace, color, and read words that are all focused around the letter I. Learning all the letters of the alphabet is really helpful in then transitioning them into reading and more!

What is the educational benefit of this printable?

The main focus of these printables is letter identification, but let’s be real. They’re so much more than that! They’re great for hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity as well.

As they work their way through the pages, you’ll literally see their confidence grow! I’ve added the pictures to pair with the word so that they can see the picture and visualize and read the word.

What it includes:

These printable alphabet worksheets are full of learning fun! Included in this free printable is:

  • tracing
  • pictures that start with the letter I
  • words that start with the letter I
  • and more!

Since this book is created in black and white, just print it and let the kids color it on all the pages! When I created this printable packet, I wanted it to be a blank canvas for their artistic creativity!



Fun ways to use this printable:

While these are so much fun to do as they are, have fun with the creative process! There are a lot of ways that you can encourage the kids to use these printables to launch into more learning fun.

Below are just a few suggestions on how you can use these printables to create something totally new and educational.

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Find more words that start with the letter I

There is no way possible that I could have gotten every letter I word in this book, so have the kids add some to the list! Start by having them right out the letter I words that they can think of, and then make a plan on how to include them in the book!

You can cut out some more pages and then add those pages to the books. This is the best way to have them become a part of creating the book and adding in more letter I words and pictures.

Add a fun new game

Since this printable packet is a variety of different activities, see if they can create a matching game or another type of learning game. They can draw a letter I picture, cut it up, and then put it back together as a puzzle!

You can also have them create two of the same pictures and then flip them over, mix them up, and try and find their match.

Find letter I items around the house

Getting them up and moving their bodies and feet is all part of the fun! Have them run around the house and see how many items they can find that all start with the letter I! This is a great way to get them moving and excited to have fun.

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