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Idaho Crafts for Kids

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The state of Idaho is one of the most geographically distinctive in the U.S. Its shape is pretty unusual, which makes it easy to find on a map, and it’s located in the Pacific Northwest near Washington, which gives it a uniquely stable climate.

If you ask anyone what the state of Idaho is known for, I think most would say “potatoes”. But there’s more to this state than its crops! Try some of these Idaho crafts for kids to discover the state’s wildlife, culture, and history – in addition to its agriculture.

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Idaho Crafts for Kids

Idaho Crafts for Kids:

1. Idaho’s state insect is the beautiful Monarch butterfly. Build one out of bricks with this super cool Monarch Butterfly LEGO Craft!

2. Did you know that the state of Idaho has the largest amount of federally protected forest land of all the states in the U.S.? Make this pretty Tape Resist Glitter Forest to teach kids about this kind of habitat!

3. The state bird of Idaho is the mountain bluebird. This adorable Bluebird Family Craft is a perfect activity to share with the kids!

4. Wheat is one of the major grains grown in Idaho. Pick up some wheat berries for this Wheat Berry Sensory Activity!

Idaho Crafts for Kids to Try

5. Of course, we can’t talk about Idaho without mentioning potatoes, Idaho’s state vegetable. Save some spuds to make this fun Potato Print Owl Craft!

6. Soda Springs, Idaho is home to the only captive geyser in the U.S. A “captive” geyser is one that’s created by humans. This one was created by accident in 1937 and it still erupts today! Try this Dry Ice and Soda Geyser Experiment to show the kids how geysers work!

7. Cheese processing is a major industry in the state. This simple Cheesemaking Science Experiment is a cool way to introduce kids to how cheese is made!

8. Skiing is one of Idaho’s most popular outdoor sports. Make this easy Snowstorm In a Jar to show little ones about winter weather!
Idaho Crafts for Kids to Make

What Idaho crafts for kids can you come up with? Share your ideas in the comments!

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