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Countdown to Summer Tips: Get Out and Play! #C2S12

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The ways your kids can just play this summer are endless!  Scavenger hunts, beach time, park time, bike riding, hiking, freeze tag, catching fireflies, anything!  My suggestions to you is to do to your kids what our parents did to us!  Ban them to the great outdoor from sun-up to sun down!IMAG0020

Zack and Thomas last summer on our way back from a beach trip.

These articles should give you some great ideas:

10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Active This Summer at PhilZENdia

16 Simple Summer Pleasures that you should be sure to mark off your to do list this Summer from The Budget Diet!

Hopscotch for Toddlers is a great post that explains how to make a hopscotch board (and game) that even Toddlers can play!  Perfect for the kiddos that can’t balance, yet!

Warm Weather Books & Activities – LOVE this!  Talks about how you can get the kids outside, but still have them reading!  This is perfect for us educating types.

Sidewalk Chalk Paint – A recipes for fun chalk paint so the kids can be artistic on your driveway.

The above 5 posts should keep your kids outside!  Don’t forget you can always throw some soap and water on the trampoline, air up the bike tires, nail a few boards to the big oak tree, or just lock them out and see what their imaginations come up with!

Sharing is caring!