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New Years Eve Drinks for Kids

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Do not mix up another pitcher of Kool AId and call it done this New Year’s Eve! Take a few more minutes and mix up a set of fancy New Years Eve Drinks for Kids!

They will have so much fun with their “drinks like Momma has” and you will win that “Mom of the Year Trophy”… not a minute too late! LOL! Don’t miss out on our other great mocktail recipes for kids, too!

new years eve party drinks for kids

This New Year’s Eve, let the kids join in on the shenanigans with some fun NYE Movies, fancy finger foods, and delicious drinks!

Are Mocktails Alcoholic?

Nope! Mocktails is just a short way of saying “fake cocktails”.

That means, they are similar to cocktails, but include ZERO alcohol – making them perfect for kids and anyone who is avoiding alcohol.

Can Mocktails make you drunk?

Nope. Not even a smidgeon, since they contain zero alcohol!

They can be pretty sugar-heavy, though, so you might get a bit of excess energy if you drink too much of them.



How to make mocktails with soft drinks?

Using a lemon lime soda like Sprite or 7Up is a great base for a bubbly alcohol free beverage. It has a tangy bite that you may miss in a non-alcoholic drink otherwise.

Top the bubbly soda with any fruity flavor to get a delicious mocktail recipe for kids.

What makes mocktails such a fun drink? 

Not only are they a delicious drink, but they’re perfect for special occasions. This is because many of them have a bright and beautiful color and the best part is that it’s a fun drink that the whole family can enjoy. 

​You’ll find some simple mocktail recipes that have sparkling juice in them, while others will have gummy bears or something else wild and adorable. When it comes to making a festive drink, it’s really not hard to come up with fun mocktails and fun ideas for them! 

What are good topping ideas for a fruity mocktail? 

Depending on the flavor of the drink, garnishes can be a great way to highlight flavors. Fresh mint or a slice of lime are perfect for holiday parties, while putting sugar around the rim of tall glasses is perfect for a sweet tooth. 

​During the holiday season or for a New Year’s Eve party, you can create an easy reicpe or two where you add a bit of vanilla ice cream to the plastic champagne glasses to create the perfect non-alcoholic drink. 

​Having a fancy glass and an easy recipe is a must for these non-alcoholic drinks! And don’t forget that maraschino cherries making any fun recipe look extra fancy, too! No matte what you add, it’s sure to be a big hit. 

fun kid drinks for new years eve

What are the most popular mocktail drinks to make for kids?

Mocktail drinks are becoming increasingly popular among children. They offer an exciting and intriguing way to engage kids in healthy beverages without the added sugar, caffeine, and other unnatural ingredients found in traditional soda.

Popular mocktails range from non-alcoholic versions of classic cocktails, such as Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers, to creative concoctions, like Watermelon Fizz and Kiwi Cooler.

The variety of flavors combined with the appeal of creating something unique makes these drinks especially attractive to young audiences.

Although recipes vary, some common components often found in mocktails include fruit juices, syrups or simple syrup, seltzer water or sparkling cider, and mint leaves for garnish.

With the minor use of ingredients required to make them, these drinks are incredibly easy to assemble—making them both a hit with children and adults alike!

What are fun ways to serve mocktails for kids?

Serving delicious mocktails to kids can open up exciting ways for them to explore the world of drink flavors.

Mocktail recipes may include combinations such as apricot nectar and pineapple juice, cranberry and orange juices, or ginger ale and lime. Drinks can be served in various fun shapes, such as mason jars, cocktail glasses, or hollowed-out pineapples.

For an added touch, consider adding colorful pieces of fruit for extra flavor profiles and to make the presentation extra exciting. Incorporating refreshing herbal syrup into the drinks can also provide an interesting flavor for youngsters to explore.

Furthermore, fresh herbs like basil, rosemary, and mint have a mild taste that is an excellent addition to different mocktails.

Are mocktails good drinks for parties for kids?

Mocktails can be great beverages to serve at children’s parties, providing a fun and varied alternative to sugary drinks and soft drinks.

Mocktails can offer a range of different flavors. They can be just as aesthetically pleasing as traditional cocktails, with several recipes involving brightly colored decorations for added visual interest.

Not only are mocktails an enjoyable way for kids to get into the celebratory spirit, but they also provide health benefits by reducing their consumption of sugar-filled drinks.

As such, mocktails represent an ideal option for children’s parties where health and enjoyment are both sought equally.

Are mocktails supposed to be served over ice?

Mocktails are beverages that are nonalcoholic, often featuring a combination of juices, syrups, and other ingredients.

While some mocktails may be served over ice, it is not necessary to do so. Typically, if the recipe calls for a shaken or blended mixed drink, it should be served cold like a classic cocktail.

If the beverage is based around a single juice, syrup, or fruit puree, which is then just mixed with soda water or tonic water and garnished lightly at most, it can be enjoyed either over ice or cooler–the choice is dependent on taste preference.

In either case, good quality ingredients in appropriately sized portions will make for an enjoyable experience when drinking a mocktail.

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New Years Eve Drinks for Kids

Mocktails, Spritzers, Punch, Virgin Beverages, you name it and we have shared it! Your kids will be able to "party like the adults" with any of these non-alcoholic drinks.

My favorite are the bubbly ones!

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