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Fun End of Year Review Sheets for Kids

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You’re going to love these End of Year Review Sheets for Kids! These are some of the best of 2020 worksheet for kids because it makes them stop and reflect on the past year.

This printable is a fun way to celebrate the New Year and is one simple activity the kids will love. Just print out and let them reflect on the past year. You might be surprised by their answers! Check out my 30 Fun Homeschooling Preschool Worksheets that little kids will love as well!

my year in review printable worksheet

This is a great idea for a fun New Year’s Eve party activity for the kids. Pair this up with a year in review playlist full of some popular songs and you’ve got several fun activities to ring in the New Year!

I also love this New Years’ activity for kids because it’s a free printable that really is a lot of fun.

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What fun craft can you pair up with this printable?

There are so many great kids’ crafts that you choose from. Pair it up with paper plate activities or other fun winter activities as well. You can even have them create their own puppets and create a puppet show based on the events during the past year.

What it includes:

This kid’s New Year activity includes a fun printable that lets them fill in the answers to some of their favorites from 2020. This means that each child will be able to answer independently based on what they liked from the year.

end of year review sheet for kids

Fun ways to use this printable:

There are so many fun ways to use this printable! Here are a few ideas that you might like to try! (these can be great party ideas as well!)

Post it on social media

Even though this might be geared towards kids, it can also be an exercise for adults as well. It’s fun to see what everyone picks and chooses from the year!

Have the kids complete and compare

The kids will need to complete their own sheets in secrecy and then compare with others to see if any of their answers matched!



Try to let them “see” the future

Let them fill out the sheet as it’s supposed to be and then have them try to complete it based on how they “think” that 2021 is going to be!

new years activity for kids

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