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Super Sweet Monkey Bread Recipes

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Are you ready for some amazing and delicious Monkey Bread Recipes? These simple monkey bread variations are all so different and delicious! If you’ve ever wondered how to make monkey bread, you’re going to find out here!

There’s nothing quite like those little balls of dough and biscuit pieces smothered in a butter mixture and cinnamon-sugar mixture. It’s literally the best way to eat and enjoy pull-apart bread!

Make certain to give these monkey bread recipes a try and don’t forget to serve warm with a cup of coffee or a big glass of ice-cold milk!

21 monkey bread recipes

The smell that is going to start wafting through your house once you’re baking the monkey bread is going to be so hard to resist! But just wait…that flavor combination of your melted butter and brown sugar will be treating your taste buds soon enough.

There are even some monkey bread recipes on this list that you can even skip over the part where the biscuits dough are rolled in cinnamon sugar and just top those golden brown bites with cream cheese frosting instead.

Can you bake monkey bread in a loaf pan?

You sure can! Many people use a bundt pan but if you don’t have one, a loaf pan will be just fine. The key part of making these simple recipes is that you need to get the biscuits into quarters so that they bake up perfectly and are easy to tear apart.



How long should monkey bread rest once baked?

You should actually let it cool down to room temperature, or as close to it as you can bear to wait. This is because a lot of the ingredients of these monkey bread recipes are going to be super-duper hot.

The last thing that you want to have happened is to have someone burn their fingers or their mouth! Just waiting a few minutes to let it cool down is worth it.

Monkey Bread Recipes

You're going to love the variety of all these monkey bread recipes!

See how simple it can be to bake up monkey bread at home? The time is now to start working through the list of these simple recipes!

Super Sweet Monkey Bread Recipes

Which one of these monkey bread recipes are you going to bake first?

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