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Totally Interesting Facts about Arizona for Kids

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Up next on our trip around the United States is Arizona! Arizona is home to one of the most notable United States landmarks, the Grand Canyon! Beyond that, being close to the Mexican border, Arizona has a rich Spanish history…including the roots of the word “Arizona.” Learn more about this state with these interesting facts about Arizona for kids.

Check out the other states at the 50 states unit study as well! Our country holds so much interesting information and history!

you may not know these five facts about the state of Arizona

If you’re looking to visit a place with no rain, Arizona should be one of the top places on your list! This state is warm in the summer but mildly cold in the winter compared to some northwestern states. Because of the little rain, it tends to get, plus the sheer number of things to do, Arizona is definitely not a place to miss.

Five Arizona Facts:

On Arizona’s flag, 13 red and yellow alternating rays signals the state’s “picturesque landscape” and the gold star is for the copper industry. Other popular industries include gold and silver. Arizona produces the most copper than any other state in the US. From its Spanish roots to desert wildlife, learn more about this dry, warm state!

Fact One: Arizona is home to the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most notable landmarks in the United States. Stretching 277 feet long, the Grand Canyon is known as one of the seven wonders of the world. It’s about 6,000 feet deep. Millions of people travel from all over the world to see this grand beauty every year.

Learn more about the Grand Canyon with these ideas:

Use paint to create your own Grand Canyon in this art activity!

Experience the Grand Canyon from the eyes of a child with In the Canyon by Liz Scanlon.

Grand Canyon by Jason Chin is great because it lets the pictures do the talking for younger kids and has extra information for older students.

One of the beautiful things about the Grand Canyon is the diverse colors. Create this canyon and truly capture all of the different colors.

Create a desert biome with this science experiment.

Fact Two: The state flower is the saguaro cactus blossom.

Arizona doesn’t see much rain and is described as “arid” or “semi-arid.” In some places, it only sees about 3” in annual precipitation each year. Because of this, the saguaro cactus blossom is a great fit! In 1931, it became Arizona’s state flower. The highly scented saguaro is the largest cactus in the US.

Resources to help you learn more about cacti:

Check out the cactus blossom coloring page.

This cactus craft was meant for Valentine’s Day, but its messages of love can be used year-round.

How can desert plants stay hydrated? Discover more with this science experiment!

Create a cactus out of a paper plate with this fun craft!

Make a 3D cactus with this paper craft.

interesting facts about Arizona

Fact Three: The capital of Arizona is Phoenix.

Phoenix became the capital of Arizona in 1912 and was chosen for its ideal, central location. (Other cities like Tuscan were considered too!) Phoenix has grown steadily and quickly since WWII especially. 

Learn more about the phoenix with these activities and ideas:

Make this dramatic paper bag phoenix.

The Girl Who Drew a Phoenix by the Asian author Demi is a picture book about a young girl, filled with rich and vivid illustrations.

A is for Arizona by Trish Madson is an introduction to all of the different places in Arizona, including Phoenix.

Create an origami phoenix with this YouTube tutorial.

Fact Four: Cesar Chavez was from Arizona.

Cesar Chavez was born in Arizona. This Presidential Medal of Honor winner was a Latino Civil Rights leader. He co-founded the National Farm Workers Association, which fought for fair labor standards in farming. 

Resources to help you learn more about Cesar Chavez:

Harvesting Hope by Katherine Krull is a picture book celebrating Chavez’s life.

Who was Cesar Chavez? is the perfect option for kiddos who love the Who Was? Series.

Check out these preschool farm-inspired science experiments.

Grab this free Cesar Chavez coloring page.

What type of animals live on a farm? Check out this activity inspired by Old McDonald Had a Farm.

Fact Five: Arizona is known for its copper industry.

From the star on the state flag to the majority of America’s copper coming from Arizona, copper is a major part of Arizona!

Discover more about copper with these:

Pennies are made from copper. Learn more about them with this science experiment.

Discover more about energy with the book Energy Lab for Kids by Emily Hawbaker, which is filled with 40 science experiments for kids.

Learn more about Arizona’s Hispanic roots with this Mexican tin art project made from a copper foil square.

Use a copper wire to make a battery…from dirt!

state unit study about Arizona

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