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OZ the Great and Powerful Activities

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These Oz the Great and Powerful Activities are great for kids and movie fans! This free printable is full of learning fun! These are great for educational resources and fun ideas for the kids.

Print out this free packet if you want a unique approach to learning activities! It’s a nod to the movie, with a fun approach to learning. Perfect for the kids!

The kids will love these Oz printables. Each page is filled with fun scenes from the movie, and they’re bright, colorful, and fun.

You can download and print these immediately to let the learning fun begin!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

I love combining fun movie themes and themed learning with printables. It’s a simple and easy way to keep the kids involved in the learning process!

They can easily work their way through the learning tasks and games on the page and take breaks to look at the various fun-colored pictures.

Each page will help them work on creativity, analytical skills, and cutting skills. My printable pages always have more than one learning activity!

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What it includes:

Once you hit print, the pages are ready to be used. They’ll find spot various activities that include:

  • Spot the difference
  • Maze
  • Mask fun
  • Matching
  • and more!

Each page is focused on Oz, and they’ll have a blast working through them independently. Some pages can also be worked on with others for a joint family activity.

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Fun ways to use this printable:

Don’t stop with just this learning idea! The printable pages are fun, simple, and easy! They can use them as a fun launching point for other themed activities!

Here are a few ideas to get you started!



Create a movie party with the kids

Creating a movie party for kids can turn an ordinary evening into a magical memory. Start with a theme tied to their favorite movie and encourage costumes to bring the story to life.

Set up a “theater” with comfy pillows and blankets, and prepare popcorn with various toppings for a personalized treat. Don’t forget a makeshift concession stand with healthy snacks and juice boxes.

Incorporate engaging activities before the show, like crafting related to the movie or a scavenger hunt for movie “tickets” tucked away around the house.

With dimmed lights and excited giggles filling the air, press play and enjoy the show – complete with intermissions for pillow fights or dance breaks.

Draw fun new scenes to add to a movie

Encourage your young artists to take a well-loved movie and extend its magic by drawing their unique scenes.

Whether it’s a new adventure for the hero, a twist in the plot, or an encounter with a fantastical creature, these hand-crafted creations foster creativity and storytelling.

This provides a fun, immersive activity that empowers students to see how their ideas can interact with existing stories, a playful yet educational experience they’ll love.

Create homemade masks after movie characters

Engaging in creative activities like crafting homemade masks allows children to explore their artistic side and deepen their connection with their favorite movie characters.

By undertaking a project to create masks mimicking superheroes, animated princes and princesses, or even wacky creatures from a galaxy far, far away, kids can step into a world of imagination and hands-on fun.

This DIY adventure is a fantastic way for children to develop dexterity, follow instructions, and express themselves creatively while reinforcing their love for the stories and personalities that inspire them on screen.

More Printable Activities for Kids:

You can never have too many printable ideas and activities for kids. They’re a fun way to learn at home in a variety of ways.

Below are just a few of my favorite printables and activities they might like! Some are themed on movies, TV shows, and memories from our childhood!

Let them work through the pages and show off their skills! They can work through them individually to have a great day of learning!

Learning Printables and Activities

These are excellent resources for kids! They’ll love being a part of the learning process from start to finish.

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