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Back to School Writing Activities

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Back to school is happening very quickly! With this in mind, make sure you’re helping your kids prepare with these back to school writing activities. Writing activities help kids relearn what they may have forgotten over the summer.

Back to School Printable Writing Activities for Kids

Do you have a kiddo that needs to work on their writing skills? Whether they’re in fourth grade or elementary school, there is always something that needs worked on.

Paperless Writing Activity Ideas:

While pencil grip is super important, using worksheets isn’t the only way to teach and reinforce writing. The following activities are super fun and will help work on the same fine motor skills that re necessary for good penmanship.

Practice writing with fingers, in the air. You’d be surprised how quickly kids pick up writing from this activity.

Writing in the sand. If your child needs extra writing practice, let them do this.

Spell out words with M&Ms. When your child is tired of writing, this is one way to get them excited.

Use playdough for a paperless writing activity. When you need something fun to do that can help encourage writing, try play dough.



What the set includes:

On the first day of school, your kids can walk into their classroom proud. They will have these writing activities to help them in their journey. There are sorts of fun activities such as word scramble, decoding the message, and even a word search.

Back to School Printable Writing Activities for Kids

Fun ways to use this printable:

When it comes to these back-to-school writing activities, there are no right or wrong ways to use them. When a student writes, their whole world is opened up to them. After a whole summer of not writing much, it’s time to get kind of serious.

Writing Prompt

Whether you do this writing prompt with your kids or you’re using it as a home school lesson, it’s the perfect activity for being a writing prompt. You can whip this out as a writing prompt and the kids will love it. Summer break was fun, but now it’s time to get back to work!

Break the Ice

Need to break the ice in your classroom? Back to school activities like this one are the perfect way to break the ice. The kids get to have something simple and fun to do and it doesn’t take much planning on your part.

Bulletin Board Display

Do you need something easy and fun to do? This activity is perfect for students and teachers. The kids get to have fun doing the activity and teachers can have fun using it as a bulletin board display.

Back to school writing worksheets

More Printable Writing Activities:

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