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Easter Alphabet Worksheets

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Easter Alphabet Worksheets are a great way to help early learners work on letter identification and alphabet skills. Using themed Easter printables is a fun way to get the kids excited and ready for Easter – and keep them learning simultaneously.

These alphabet printables can be printed in color or black and white, so you can choose how the kids can start and complete it.

Once the kids start to work on their letter identification, you will be amazed at how quickly they catch on to reading sight words, letter learning, and more.

Learning the alphabet helps to propel them into a world of reading!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

What I love about this Easter printable is that it focuses on a few different learning aspects. The kids will be able to find the letter they need but can also trace it out.

This helps with handwriting skills, readying skills, following directions, and hand-eye coordination as well. They are also grasping an excellent writing tool for fine motor skills.

What it includes:

This printable packet includes tons of learning pages! There is a page for each letter of the alphabet!

Not only that, but you will get each letter in color and in black and white.



Fun ways to use this printable:

Printing and starting on the worksheets is easy, but why stop there? Show the kids that they can also use learning printables in other ways.

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you get started.

Learn the alphabet song

The Alphabet Song is a great way to teach the alphabet to little kids. This classic tune is easy to learn, has lots of fun, and has been around for many years.

When learning the song it’s important to make sure you sing each letter of the alphabet in order so that children can keep up and follow along.

The Alphabet Song takes just minutes to learn, but its simple yet catchy melody makes it easy for kids of any age to remember.

Learning this song gives kids an excellent starting point for furthering their literacy studies and an upbeat and enjoyable way to practice their letters.

Make a list of things that start with each letter of the alphabet

Look around the house and have the kids start a list of anything and everything that starts with the alphabet letter. Apple, banana, clock, door, etc. – down the list!

You can do the same by stepping outside and writing down things outside the house.

Write an alphabet story

Once the kids get the hang of the alphabet letters, they can branch out and write an alphabet story, too. This is the perfect way for them to use what they have learned and to make a story around it.

The story can be silly, serious, mysterious, or anything that they want it to be about!

They can even make illustrations to accompany the words if they have extra time.

More Printable Easter Activities:

Here are a few other great printable Easter learning ideas for the kids! Perfect for keeping them active and teaching them independent learning, too!

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Monday 10th of April 2023

I found singing the alphabet to the tune of Mary Had a little lamb instead of Twinkle Twinkle helps with the kids understanding the l m n o p better.

Greenwood Christian Academny

Friday 31st of March 2023

thank you