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Letter I is for Ice Cream Printables

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This Letter I is for Ice Cream printable is all about letter I fun! Not only will this packet help them learn all about the letter i, but it will also have them craving a sweet treat. The best part about these ice cream worksheets is that they combine learning and fun. Be sure to check out my Find the Letter Worksheets which are great for early learning and more!

What I love about this alphabet printables packet is that it works to help them identify, trace, draw, and dream about ice cream at the same time. The more learning that they can do with these printables, the better!

Make sure that you use this printable to help teach them all about the letter I! They’ll love seeing the pages, knowing that they can handle these and learn from them as well.

You might as well have a sweet treat for them to enjoy at the same time. Get some ice cream treats and have them work on this printable while they snack the day away.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

This printable activity is perfect for letter i learning fun! Each page introduces the letter i in an easy to learn format that is fun. Plus, they’ll love dreaming about ice cream!

They’ll love learning all about the letter I, and you’ll love seeing their confidence grow at the same time. The more pages that they work through, the more confidence that they’re going to have.

What it includes:

This letter I printable pack includes page after page of learning fun. In this printable packet, you’ll find:

  • coloring pages
  • letter identification pages
  • tracing options
  • and more!

This packet is perfect for helping the kids have fun, while learning! If they need a boost to help with learning the letter of the alphabet, this is it.

This is a great learning lesson for early learners so that they can really make sure that they can identify the letter I.



Fun ways to use this printable:

The fun part about this printable is that there are ways to pivot. Just when you thought that they’d use this printable in just one way, challenge them to think outside the box and do more! This printable packet is a great way to launch into a ton of other creative ideas!

I like to challenge the kids to continue to build on activities that we do, and they always love to take charge and do what they can. Below are some simple ways that you can include and think of some more letter I learning fun.

Have the kids right an ice cream story

Do your kids love ice cream as much as mine? Have them create a funny or silly story all about ice cream. Challenge them to use uppercase letters and lowercase letters and make a story all about ice cream cones, ice cream sandwiches, or even the story of an ice cream truck.

The options are endless in making a story come to life! It’ll be fun for you to hear what they’re thinking about as well!

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Create an ice cream bar

Sometimes, you just need to take a tasty break after all this learning fun. Once they get done with their letter I printable packet, have them create the most epic ice cream treat ever. You can set our sprinkles, toppings, fudge, caramel, mini marshmallows, and even chocolate chips!

Make homemade ice cream

If you’re going to have a ton of ice cream toppings, then why not make it a fun learning lesson to make homemade ice cream as well? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be stressful to do at all – the kids can easily join in on the tasty fun. (This No Churn Firecracker Ice Cream Recipe is always a good idea!)

More Printable Letter Activities:

Just because we’re focusing on the letter I for this activity, there are other options that you can do, too! With 26 letters in the alphabet, there are so many other fun printables to keep in mind.

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