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Letter H is for Hedgehog Printables

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The kids will have a blast with this Letter H is for Hedgehog activity! It’s the perfect way to learn all about animals and the alphabet! The best part about these hedgehog worksheets is that they’re a great way to work on letter identification while staring at cute hedgehogs. Be sure to check out my alphabet printables which are ideal for promoting early learning.

There is always lots to talk about when you combine pictures and short text or letters of the alphabet! When it comes to learning about the letters of the alphabet, this is a fun way to make it happen!

It’s time to make letter H the letter to learn about this week! Toss in some fun words about hedgehogs, and you’ve got quite the learning fun!

Who knew that hedgehogs were just so darn adorable? It’s like they were meant to teach the kids all about the letter h!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

This printable packet will help them learn all about the letter H! Both uppercase and lower case letters, and lots of it! Plus there are cute hedgehogs as well!

This is such a great activity for early learners because it gives them the confidence to identify letters which can then help to prompt them into reading as well!

If your child loves learning new words, printables like this are a great way to encourage them to want to read all the words and books!

What it includes:

This letter H printable includes page after page of learning fun. In this packet, there are:

  • coloring pages
  • maze
  • letter identification for upper and lower case letter H learning
  • and more!

Once you start working your way through my letter worksheets, you’re going to notice a trend! I want the kids to learn the alphabet and have fun doing it!

And who knows, maybe one day, they’ll create their own beautifully illustrated alphabet series that they’ll be sharing with you!

The beauty of having worksheets like this is that they can be creative while they learn. Since the pages are printed in black and white, they can color in the images, doodle, or use different colored crayons or pencils to finish their work.



Fun ways to use this printable:

Even though there are multiple learning opportunities with this printable, don’t forget to think about the box and do more! Anything that you can do to encourage creativity and more learning is NEVER a bad idea! Here are some ideas that could be super fun!

Have the kids make an engaging animal book

Now that they’re curious about hedgehogs, have them dive in and create their own book! They can create their very own book packed with bright pictures that are all about hedgehogs!

Have them draw where they think that hedgehogs live and what they eat. They can create and draw an entire habitat as well and have fun doing so.

Learn some random hedgehog facts

Did you know that hedgehogs live in hedgerows? Do you have any idea what hungry hedgehogs eat? Have the kids talk about what they think a happy world of hedgehogs is really like! This is perfect for their imagination!

Learning random facts about various animals is one of our favorite things to do! You can easily see that once they start learning the facts, they’re going to want more and more of that type of learning – which proves that they’re having fun.

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Take a trip and see some hedgehogs!

Get out of the house and find some hedgehogs. Who wouldn’t want to meet adorable baby hoglets?! This would be a fun family activity for the early learners, babies, and toddlers!

If you don’t have access to see any locally, you can always see if there are any cute videos on YouTube or even try to find a documentary online.

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