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Johnny Appleseed Cutting Practice Sheets

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These Johnny Appleseed Cutting Practice Sheets are perfect for a Johnny Appleseed theme! You can even use these as a fun way to celebrate Johnny Appleseed Day happening on September 26th (or sometimes on March 11th as well!)! It’s always fun to combine free printables with a unit study lesson!

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A Johnny Appleseed unit is a great way to talk about things like apple trees, planting season, and more.

The reason that you’ll find that there are two dates for this day of celebration is that some people celebrate it on his birthday while others celebrate it on the first day of planting seasons. (I say do both!)

You can even talk to the kids about the fact that there is now an elementary named after him in his hometown of Leominster Massachusetts. Take the time to teach kids all about John Chapman who was born September 26, 1774.

What is the learning capabilities of this printable?

This printable is great for scissor skills but there is also a huge plus that it will help the kids with their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well.

You can also use this to launch into an apple theme or other fun learning ideas also.

What it includes:

This preschool cutting printable includes many different pages of dotted lines for your child to pay attention to and cut on. The lines will be vertically and horizontally and challenge their cutting skills.

Fun ways to use this printable:

Make certain to use these printables as a fun way to launch into other fun learning topics as well.

Use some apple seeds and plant trees

Planted trees are great to have the kids help with because it shows them the starting point that all trees begin with. You can talk about the life cycle of an apple tree and study it with the kids.

Make some yummy apple cider to drink

Have a taste test between red apples or green apples and see what apple juice tastes the best!

Create some fun apple crafts

You can never have too many apple crafts around the house! Have fun creating and coloring various apple crafts to make some cute and fun fall decor.

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