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Adorable Elephant Cutting Practice

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The kids are going to have so much fun with this Elephant Cutting Practice. Perfect for world elephant day or just a great way to have the kids work on these cutting practice worksheets. Be certain to check out our other preschool cutting activities as well.

Not only will they get to work on their cutting skills but they’re going to learn the right way to hold the scissors, too. These worksheets are great for hand-eye coordination.

With August 12 being World Elephant Day, this is a great way to share knowledge and learn about captive and wild elephants. The kids will love seeing African and Asian elephants. Preschool homeschooling worksheets are the best.

What is the educational benefit of this printable?

These elephant-themed scissor skills worksheets are great activities for kids. It helps them to work on their fine motor skills, and learn how to cut along straight lines and dotted lines, too.

The more that they work with their hands, the more care and management that they’ll take with lesson plans like this.

What it includes:

This easy printable pack includes pages for the kids to work on their cutting skills. Each page has lines for them to cut along to get from point A to point B.

Fun ways to use this printable:

There are a lot of ways that you can use this printable to branch off and think of other fun activities for kids! Below is just a small portion of those ideas that you should think about using.

Make a mini book

Have the kids take time to make a book about elephant facts. This will help them learn to understand habitat loss and other things that are happening in the world of elephants.

Talk about preservation and protection

Find out what you need to do to have the kids learn about the importance of protecting the elephants. It’s important to discuss this with them so that they know how to help.

Read elephant books

There are so many great books out there that are all about elephants. Head to the library and check out a few to read together.

More Printable Cutting Practice:

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