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Johnny Appleseed Crafts and Activities

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Who was Johnny Appleseed? This man introduced Apple Trees to so many people, and places. Johnny Appleseed Day is celebrated on the 26th of September every year. Teach your kids all about Johnny Appleseed. There are so many Johnny Appleseed Activities for Kids. Whether it is printables, counting seeds, or making an apple recipe, tell your kids the story of Johnny Appleseed and let them create these crafts and do the activities to learn more.

Johnny Appleseed Activities for Kids

Johnny Appleseed Activities for Kids

This Free Printable Apple Counting Activity is adorable. Using their fingers to make the apples, they can learn and practice to count the apples in each box.- Fun Handprint Art

Apple Cinnamon White Cake  is a great recipe to create for this day. Let the kids help you. Read them a story about Johnny Appleseed while they enjoy their snack.- 3 Boys and a Dog

These Red Velvet Apple Cupcakes are sure the have the kids excited about Johnny Appleseed day. Make them for your childs class, or maybe just an afternoon snack. The recipe is easy and the kids can help make the cupcakes. Not only are they tasty, these are so cute!- Mom to 2 Posh Lil’ Divas

Johnny Appleseed Coloring Pages are always fun. Of course kids love to color, so use these free printables to let them and teach them about Johnny Appleseed Day.- Crystal & Company

This 30 Page Johnny Appleseed Unit Study can teach your child all about Johnny Appleseed. After you start teaching them, they are sure to want to know more about him. – Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

This Montessori Inspired Apple Unit has a ton of things your child can learn about apples. Whether it is crafts, printables, or learning about apple seeds, this unit can help in many ways.- Living Montessori Now

Your kids can creat their own Apple Orchard Dramatic Play by using the free print outs, and more. Kids are very good at acting, so put it use. Let them play pretend with the fun activity. – Pre-K Pages

The Johnny Appleseed Printable Pack for ages 5-8 is a great learning activity. These free printables come with crossword puzzles, learning to spell, matching games and more.- Royal Baloo

This Free Printables for Preschool through 2nd Grade includes coloring pages of Johnny Appleseed himself, do-a-dot fun, and a math adding page. – To The Moon & Back

Let your child create their own Appleseed A Craft. By using construction paper and apple seeds, they can create the letter A, and glue the seeds to it. – I Can Teach My Child

This Apple Seed Counting is a great math game for kids. Adding and subtracting the seeds from the apples can help teach your kids easier ways to do math, and they can also have fun while doing it. – JDaniel4’s Mom

YUM! This Overnight Apple French Toast Recipe is great to cook the night before Johnny Appleseed day, and to serve that morning. Of course the kids will love the french toast, but learning about Johnny Appleseed while eating would be a great lesson. – 3 Boys and a Dog

These free Apple Do-A-Dot Printables are great. Crossword puzzles, letters and more! These are great activities to learn about apples and the letter A itself.- Gift of Curiosity

This Apple Science experiment is pretty neat and can teach you how to keep apples from browning. One bowl with nothing but an apple in it, Vinegar, Lemon Juice, baking soda, and milk is what you need. Let the apples sit in the bowls with the different juices in them and find out your answer. – Teach Beside Me

The Paperplate Apple Craft is a great craft to do for Johnny Appleseed Day! With a few tools, your little one can create their own apple. This project may get their hands a little colored, but it is worth it. – Fun Handprint Art

This Coffee Filter Apple Art  activity is super cute and looks really fun. Using a coffee filter, marker colors of your choice, and a water spray bottle, you can make this super easy apple art. All you do is color the coffee filter, and spray it when your done. It turns out very pretty. – Mom to 2 Posh Lil’ Divas

If your looking to teach your kids a finger play, a great one is the Apple Tree Finger Play. Let the kids say the rhyme each time, and they will love this game. – Teach Preschool

The Loofah Stamped Apple Craft is very simple, and very fun. Using a loofah your children can create their own apples with paint. They can make their own apple masterpiece.- Artsy Momma

Recommended Johnny Appleseed Resources:

I keep these items in my baking cabinet to help me in my cupcake making.  All links below are affiliate links meaning I make a couple pennies if you purchase them.  However, any stated opinions are strictly my own.

Children’s Book: Who Was Johnny Appleseed

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DVD: Wholesome Heroes With Rick Sowash: Johnny Appleseed


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