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Fall Decorating Ideas

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There’s something about the colors of fall and the changing of the seasons that makes me want to decorate my home. Maybe it’s because nature is decked out in such lovely color, or maybe it’s the cooling temperatures that give renewed energy. Whatever the reason, fall is a wonderful time for decorating. Here are some fall decorating ideas to get your home looking appropriate for the season.

Fall Decorating Ideas

Harvest Corn Fall Decorating Ideas:

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Have you ever looked at the ears of decorative field corn and wondered what you can do with them? The reds, blues, yellows, and golds of field corn are lovely, but they don’t always look pretty just propped up on your porch. Some decorating ideas for Harvest corn:

Garland – At your local craft store, purchase some raffia. Raffia is a straw-like twine that looks very natural and is reminiscent of corn husks. Lay the cobs in a row and tie them together with the raffia, making the tie at the base of the husks where they join the cob. Space them about 6 inches apart, then hang where you like. Above windows, off porch roofs, down porch railings, fireplace mantles, and so forth are all possibilities (as long as there’s no actual fire in the fireplace – this garland could be quite flammable).  Not feeling crafty?  This pretty Darice Lighted Garland would look great on a banister or mantle.

Figurines – These adorable Harvest Corn Pilgrim Figurines would look great on a shelf, mantel, or as the main part of a table centerpiece!

Door swag – Gather dried field corn into a bunch and use raffia to tie them together at the base of the husks where they meet the cob. Leave a loop to hang them by, then cover the raffia tie with wide ribbon in a corresponding color. Hang on your door using the loop.  Or create a beautiful wreath to welcome your friends and family like this Large, Handmade Indian Corn Autumn Harvest Wreath.

Gourds, Pumpkins, and Pine Cones Autumn Decorating Ideas:

The outdoors showers you with abundance in fall – nuts are falling and mini pumpkins and gourds are all over the farmer’s markets! Take advantage of nature’s bounty with this centerpiece idea.

Fall decor ideas

Centerpiece  – Buy or make a wreath shape from twigs or vines. Lay the wreath down on a large, plastic plate, preferably clear. Then start filling up the center with mini pumpkins, gourds, and pine cones. If you like, hot-glue some of the items to the wreath, such as acorns, pine cones, seed pods, or berries. You can also tuck some pretty autumn leaves in among your gourds and pine cones. To move the centerpiece, just pick up the plate to position it just right.

Pretty Pumpkin –  This Metal Pumpkin Carriage Fall Floral Centerpiece can bring a bit of whimsy into your home and it is so very pretty!

Change Out Your Kitchen – I don’t really do it in Autumn, just Christmas – but I am slowly building up to it.  Besides, my kitchen is Apples, that is pretty Fall-esque. 😉  But, look around your kitchen and see all the places that can be changed to a more Autumn feel from centerpieces to drawer knobs (like these Ceramic Pumpkins Door Drawer Cupboard Pull Handles And Knobs Option: Green) and even your dry goods containers like these Set of 4 Pumpkin Jars.

Decorating Ideas with Fall Colors

You don’t have to bring the actual objects in for a lovely fall look; you can decorate using fall colors.

Picture Perfect – For instance, you could hang a Maple Trees in Fall Painting in a prominent spot, or place vases and lamps that are classic fall colors around a room.

Add in Some Color – One idea is to choose one particular fall color and distribute it around the room in the form of throw pillows, lamp shades, candles, and so forth.  Personally, I love Orange and really want to throw it around my freshly redone living room, but I am more likely to pull a Deep Purple or Brick Red past my husband 😉

How do you bring the pretty Fall colors into your home?

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Laura at Mommy Maleta

Wednesday 17th of September 2014

Thx for linking up your fall & Halloween ideas up at the thoughtful spot!

Kelli Miller

Sunday 21st of September 2014

Can you believe we are already writing Halloween posts!? Where did the year go?