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Idaho Books for Kids

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Idaho is a land of beautiful mountains and exciting white water rapids. In this post about Idaho Books for Kids, we will share some of our favorites that teach about the state, the history, and the landscape.

In addition to picture books for little ones, we have included chapter books based in this beautiful state. Reading books is a great addition to your 50 states unit study.

Read on to see which Idaho books are the best ones to read to your child!

When I think of this state, I think of potatoes – of course. For some reason, “potatoes” scream miles and miles of flat fertile land to me. But, I couldn’t be more wrong!

Idaho is full of beautiful mountains and rushing white water rapids. In fact, the 43rd state holds the record for the most whitewater river miles in the continental US!

Because I was curious, I thought you’d also like to know why Idaho is shaped so strange, with a panhandle. It is shaped that way because the east-west mountains naturally shaped it that way!

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What is Idaho Famous For?

We’ve already touched on this, but obviously, Idaho is famous for potatoes. This state produces more potatoes than any other state in the nation!

Potatoes grown with volcanic ash have an amazing ability to produce better than other types of soil. So it makes sense that they thrive best on the rich mineral-laden earth you find in Idaho!

Who would have thought that one single vegetable could be responsible for so much state pride? The potato has been a part of Idaho’s culture and heritage since European settlers first arrived in 1865. Today, 97% of Americans eat this starchy staple at least once per week!

Why is Idaho Nicknamed The Gem State?

It’s not only potatoes that make Idaho so special. It has a rich and vibrant history with many treasures found throughout, including 72 different precious and semi-precious gems!

In fact, in Idaho, you can find almost all known types of gemstones!

Plus, at 19.5 carats, the biggest diamond ever found in the U.S. was found between McCall and New Meadows.



Idaho Resources

The book list below contains stories that teach about many of the things we discussed above! Before reading the Idaho Books for Kids with your child, talk about why and the significance of that book to the state of Idaho.

Idaho Books for Kids

Our top picks of Children's Books about Idaho will help your children learn about the state of Idaho. We have included picture books and chapter books.

There are books about the state, the famous and historical people of Idaho, and even major events.

We have also included stories based in Idaho to help you reinforce the history of this great state.

Are you excited about learning about the diverse land and varied history of this state with these resources and Books about Idaho for Children?

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