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Prepping A Whole Lot Of Fun This Summer #C2S12

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Please welcome our first guest poster for the Countdown to Summer 2012! Niña Angeli Pilapil gives us some really great ideas to keep the kids busy this coming Summer!  ~Kelli

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Summertime is again fast approaching and what better way to spend it than by taking your kids to different exciting summer activities! The incredibly modern age has prompted kids to be more interested in doing indoor and sedentary activities like video and online games. Lots of kids nowadays are more interested in catching up on the episodes of their favorite television shows than bother with outdoor playtime. Well, you can change all that. Why not start this summer?

Summertime Kids’ Activities Suggestions

It would be great if you can encourage your kids to depart from their gadget and new media fascination for a while and just focus on more “active” stuff. You can do so by organizing recreational activities that are suitable for summer. Here are some suggestions for you:

Take them for a dip at the local beach or pool.

Summertime wouldn’t be complete if you don’t take your kids out for at least one beach or pool trip. Make it more fun for them by organizing a kids’ swimming tournament and invite your children’s friends so they can do it together. Come up with fun water sports and games and be sure to give out great prizes, so they will be motivated to join. Just make sure that you tap other parents so they can give you a hand in supervising the kids.

Go on a photography field trip.

Is your child inclined in the arts? Make this summer fun for him or her by having a photography trip and visiting some of the local scenic spots like parks and museums. Bring along your camera and teach them how to take awesome pictures.

Make them your assistant chef for meal preparation.

Teach your kids the importance of preparing and eating healthy meals by making them your assistant chefs and including them in daily meal preparations. This way, they will get to appreciate the food they’re eating and maybe even cultivate their inherent cooking skills.

Enlist in different summertime charitable events.

Encourage your kids to help people in need by enlisting in various local charitable activities. It can be as simple as old clothes or toys donation or as intricate as joining a food drive event. This is a good way to teach them the value of compassion and generosity.

What do you think about the suggestions above? These are just some of the ideal summertime activities you can do with your kids. I’m sure you can think of more. Whatever activity you choose, make sure to explain to your kids the importance and value of doing the said activity. What are some parent-kid summertime bonding suggestions you have in mind?

Niña Angeli Pilapil is a best promotional products expert and writer who loves reading books and novels. She works for Promopeddler, a promotional items company. Visit her Twitter page at

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amy v

Thursday 3rd of May 2012

love your fun ideas!~ i especially love the low cost/free ones! we also love spending time at the local library