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Idaho State Fact File Worksheets

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These Idaho State Fact File Worksheets are the perfect worksheets to help you and your child record many facts about the state of Idaho.  When doing your 50 states unit study this year, you can keep a complete notebook about the entire United States.

Did you know that in Idaho, law forbids a citizen to give another citizen a box of candy that weighs more than 50 pounds.

Isn’t that hilarious?  Also, can you imagine a box of candy that is over 50 pounds!!??

Idaho State Fact Files

Idaho State Fact File Worksheets

Click here to download your free Idaho State Fact Sheets.  The sheets include places to record things like:

  • Capital
  • Abbreviation
  • Population
  • Year of Statehood
  • State Symbols
  • … and more!

I have homeschooled a few of my kids through upper elementary school.  One thing I found when homeschooling them, is that the lack of 50 States Unit Studies is a huge problem.  I have found tons of coloring pages and word finds, but nothing concrete on really learning about the history, special people, significant events, and typical industries!  So, I created it!

14 page downloadable workbook to help you teach your child all about the State of Idaho.
These two worksheets are part of a 14 page workbook!  The Idaho State Unit Study is a perfect week-long study about this state! You and your child will learn so many interesting facts, people, and events about Idaho by completing the entire study that your children will beg for more and more information!  This is the perfect guide to Idaho history for kids!

In addition to the state study homeschool curriculum, I am creating tons of State Study Guide resources to help you round out your child’s United States education.

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