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Homeschooling Middle and High School

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When it comes to Homeschooling Middle and High School students, it can be a new platform and you have to be open to learning as well. As most of you know, I’m a homeschool mom but I also understand that the middle school years and the high school years do require a bit more learning through online classes.

Creating lesson plans based on varied learning styles can be hard at times so this is why I’ve created a central location to give you some amazing resources for online homeschool for middle school students and high school students.

homeschooler resource for middle and high school

My VERY few Resources for Middle & High School

This isn’t really my superpower, but I do have some resources for you and some amazing recommendations below that 🙂 You’ll find great ideas for middle school kids and up here.

The Best Site for Homeschooling Middle Schoolers:

Education Possible is a great site for helping you to homeschool your middle schoolers. My friend, Megan, has lots of resources for not just educating your teens and tweens, but also lots of tips & ideas to help you in raising them. Score!

The best part about Megan and her site is that there are no textbooks required, at all! Her goal is to make your experience fun and stress-free while also ensuring that your kids are getting the education they need as well.

Her top resources include:

The Best Site for Homeschooling High Schoolers

Blog She Wrote is one of my favorite homeschooling curriculum sites for high schoolers. She focuses on tapping into the creativity of your teen so that they can be the best them and also do their best work.

Her experience speaks for itself in the fact that she’s been doing this for over a decade and still going strong. She offers self-paced courses that can teach your child to be ready for life after high school and beyond.

Her top resources are:

When it comes to homeschooling your middle school child or high schooler, there are ways that you can be successful and find your footing and ground. Be certain to check out the two resources above so that you have the information that you need to make an informed decision that is best for you and your child.

Sharing is caring!