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The Best Virtual Field Trips

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Homeschooling is always rewarding, but I find that it is more fun (and easier to follow tangents) when you don’t use an out of the box curriculum. However, it can be harder for Mom as we need to create the lesson plans and pull together the resources.

When it was time for my boys to complete the science section about dissection, I was unsure of how to cover the subject in enough depth. Luckily, I found a bunch of virtual dissection classes, which ticked all of the boxes.

In fact, it was so good that I decided to delve deeper into the world of virtual learning. That is when I realized that, with a bit of creative thinking, you could treat your kids to virtual field trips.

you and the kids can take a virtual field trip

School trips are a fantastic way to engage children.

They make the learning experience more fun. All kids enjoy having the freedom to explore and engage in self-determined learning.

How to take a virtual trip:

The problem is that field trips can be expensive, especially if you have more than one child. Plus, you may have to travel a fairly long way, so they swallow up a lot of time.

Virtual field trips overcome both those issues. Some providers do charge, but usually far less than it would cost to physically take your kids on an educational trip.

They open up a world of learning. As you will see institutions across the globe are providing everyone with the chance to experience what they have to offer without your having to leave home. Most are free-to-use and you can explore 24/7, making it easy to fit your virtual educational field trips in with the rest of your child´s studies.

Virtual Field Trips

Currently, many of the best virtual field trips are conservation-related. They provide you and your children the chance to explore the natural world. To learn about wildlife, climate, science and sometimes technology as well.

Take virtual tours of other cities

If your child wants to see the art galleries, monuments, and museums they are exploring.

This site and this one have wonderful 360-degree images of many of them. Most of each city´s important historic and cultural places are included on this website.

virtual field trips for homeschoolers

A free way to view art installations and exhibitions

Google provides all kinds of resources that relatively few people know about. Some of which are excellent for the homeschooling community.

The Google Arts and Culture collection of 360-degree videos is one such example. They enable your children to view stunning images of works of art, cultural locations and much more.

If you are looking for a more immersive experience, it is the street view button you want to press. From there you can go inside some of the world´s most important buildings and galleries and explore them virtually. The quality is excellent.

Google has sent cameras into some of the world´s biggest museums. Accessing the still photos and related information about each of them is very easy.

But, if you want to see the exhibits almost in person, zoom in and get a 360 degree of each one, you will need to use street view.

Unfortunately, finding that file from Google’s main Arts and Culture site is not always easy. But, don’t worry, you just need to do a simple search for the museum name on Google.

Normally, you will be taken straight there.

the best virtual field trips to take

Things can only get better

As you can see, when it comes to virtual field trips there are a lot of options. Some are free. Others you pay for.

Some require you to buy special equipment to experience them in full. Fortunately, for most of them, a laptop or simple cardboard holder for a smartphone is all you need.

So, finding what you want may take time. But, it is well worth it. Visual and exploration learning experiences are extremely powerful. So, it makes sense to use them whenever you can.

The technology is constantly improving. As a result, more individuals and institutions are creating material you can use for virtual field trips. Many of them are also making the effort to include more supplemental information, activities, and links to other sources.

The best virtual field trip experiences act as a springboard for more in-depth learning.

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