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Printable Road Trip Games

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Printable Road Trip Games are so much fun for the kids. They’re a great way to pass the miles and time in the car! Taking a road trip with kids doesn’t have to be stressful.

Use these printable game ideas with the kids to make it a fun trip. Grab some pens and pencils, and don’t forget the road trip snacks!

Telling the kids that you’re taking a trip can be a super fun experience. Find out how to make a road trip easy with game options for the car!

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

This printable’s whole point is to ensure that the kids have fun while traveling and even say they will learn something from them!

They will learn how to follow directions and pay attention to clues while on the road. You can even have them work on spelling skills by spelling out certain things.

What it includes:

These road trip printables include many fun games. In this printable, you’ll get:

  • Spot the road sign
  • Spot the car
  • Road trip dictionary
  • Road trip guess the sound

As you can see, many fun options exist for the kids! You can even join in on the fun!

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Fun ways to use this printable:

When it comes to fun ways to use this printable, the options are endless! Instead of just playing the games and stopping, why not try other fun road trip ideas?

Here are some great options!

Make fun road trip snacks

When preparing snacks, it is important to consider easy-to-eat options that won’t make a mess while enjoying them on the go.

Some tasty snacks for a road trip include fresh fruits, protein-packed trail mix, cheese and crackers, and homemade granola bars.

You can also try making your sandwiches or wraps with your favorite fillings. Another idea is to pack pre-cut veggies with hummus or ranch dressing for a healthy and refreshing snack.

Whatever snacks you choose, pack plenty of water to stay hydrated and munch on your delicious snacks.

Have a road trip scavenger hunt

First, gather a group of friends or family to join in on the adventure. Next, choose a list of scavenger hunt items that are appropriate for the length of your road trip. Ensure to include various items such as landmarks, animals, and unique road signs.

Then, distribute the list to all players and set a time limit for completion.

During the road trip, keep your eyes peeled for the included items and cross them off as you go. The player with the most items found by the end of the trip wins!

Playing a road trip scavenger hunt is a great way to pass the time and create lasting memories while on a long journey.

Have the kids make road trip artwork

First, gather a few of your favorite snapshots from your journey. Next, print them out and cut them into fun shapes like stars, hearts, or even cars.

Then, use a colorful backdrop like construction paper or foam board to display your cut-outs. Finally, add stickers, glitter, or even draw some illustrations to personalize your picture.

Creating a road trip picture for kids is a great way to reminisce about your adventure and provide a lasting keepsake for your children to cherish for years to come.



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