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Over 21 Different Ways to Make Slime

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Kids have been playing with playdough for generations. But lately, they’ve gotten into a new trend: making slime! Slime is a super cool sensory activity, because it provides so much sensory input for young kids. They can shape it, mold it, stretch it, and (in some cases) even eat it!

There are plenty of easy slime recipes around, but if you’ve tried those and you’re ready for something new – these different ways to make slime feature unique recipes that kids can use to make sensory slime, edible slime, colorful slime, and more!

Let the kids take a look at this list and choose a recipe they’d like to try this week! Want even more slime ideas? Don’t miss this list of 22 more ways to make slime at home!

Different Ways to Make Slime

Over 21 Different Ways to Make Slime:

1. This DIY Fluffy Slime would be a sensory dream for preschoolers to play with!

2. Toss in some of your child’s favorite toys to make this super neat LEGO Slime!

3. Make this Heat-Sensitive Color-Changing Slime for a sensory activity and a science experiment!

4. Try this edible Laffy Taffy Slime to let the kids play with candy!

5. This glossy Pink Bubble Slime is incredible. The kids can actually use straws to blow bubbles in it!

6. Go back in time with this prehistoric Amber Fossil Slime!

7. We all know that when we make slime with young kids they’re going to end up trying to eat it. With this Taste-Safe Slime, you don’t have to worry!

8. This glittery Silver & Gold Slime is absolutely beautiful!

9. Here’s another fun candy slime idea: Gummy Bear Slime!

10. Did you know you can make slime that is attracted to magnets? Try this incredible Magnetic Slime!

11. Turn out the lights and have fun playing with this Glowing Slime!

Different Ways to Make Slime at Home

12. You can’t go wrong with chocolate! Children will love playing with this Edible Chocolate Slime!

13. Imagine how bright it would be if a rainbow exploded. Now you have an idea of how colorful this Rainbow Explosion Slime is. Kids will love it!

14. This bright Pink Glitter Slime is so fun! Make up a few small batches to hand out as party favors for your kids’ friends!

15. With this cool Spaghetti Slime, kids can (finally) play with their food!

16. Head out into space with this gorgeous galaxy-themed Nebula Slime!

17. This beautiful Sunset Slime is a neat way to talk about how the colors of the sky change in the evening!

18. Make this easy 3-Ingredient Puffy Slime when you’re short on time!

19. Turn dirt into sensory play with this cool Sand Slime! This would be a fun activity for a beach unit!

20. If your kids love unicorns, this colorful Unicorn Slime will be a big hit!

21. This beautiful Peppermint Fluff Slime smells absolutely heavenly!

Different Ways to Make Slime with Kids

Different Ways to Make Slime Resources:

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Thursday 14th of September 2017

Wow sparkly slime! LOVE this! #littlemakes

Fee - One of Each

Saturday 2nd of September 2017

You know I have never even made slime once let alone 21 different ways. Guess now wold be a good time to start. I bet my boy would live the lego slime. #ltitlemakes ps. Please add our badge to any posts you link up so others can join in too :)

Alicia Owen

Thursday 31st of August 2017

Whoa! Saving this for future reference! Sometimes my 4 year old really likes slime, other times she plays with it for 4 minutes and is done. :/ Stopping by from This is How We Roll.