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Halloween Math and Literacy Worksheets for K-2

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These Halloween math and literacy worksheets for K-2 make great morning work or skills-practice activities!

These lower elementary Halloween worksheets are perfect for playing with spooky-fun shapes while also practicing some school skills.

You’re going to love the rest of my Halloween Worksheets for kids!

Halloween Worksheets for Lower Elementary School

If you’re looking for more fun elementary activities, check out this fun free fall worksheets set I made!

This is a great addition to our huge set of Halloween themed homeschooling printables for kiddos under 3rd grade. There’s so many fun activities jam-packed in this set of fun worksheets, I’m sure your kiddos are going to have a blast.

What is Halloween Themed Worksheet printable for lower elementary?

Basically, this is the right-hand tool for any homeschool (or not) teacher. You can give these super fun printables to the kiddo for morning work to give yourself a few minutes of quiet time to get your thoughts together for the day’s lesson plan.

Or, you can rely on these simple printables to help assess the kiddo’s skills for teaching new concepts.

I mean, who said “tests” had to be boring?! Why not check to see what those kids know without having to bore them out of their minds.

So, while I wouldn’t base an entire lesson plan around these halloween worksheets, I would use them to help support a greater goal of fun fall learning.

Plus, these are super non-spooky halloween worksheets. Not a scary haunted house in site, nor even a creepy jack o lantern. Nope! Just sweet, silly fun!



What These Full-Color Worksheets include:

  • Beginning Sound Trace – This is an easy worksheet a kindergartner would love (with a little help, of course) and a second grader should be able to do just for skills-checking.
  • Cut Your Own Puzzle – Not only is this a cutting practice sheet, but it’s also a puzzle! What fun is that?!
  • Spin-and-Find – Shapes define everything, so spinning and then hunting for these fun halloween shapes will help kids build those skills that help them identify anything from letters, numbers, and even sight-words later on. Not as complex as a halloween word search, but definitely setting them up for that!
  • Syllable Clipping – This is a great way to get in so many awesome activities in one! The kids get to use scissors to clip the number of syllables, they get to count the syllables, they get to identify the shapes and words. It’s just a great activity, SERIOUSLY.
  • Dot-a-Dot Practice – This one is a fine-motor skills activity. You can do a lot with it. From dropping pom poms with tweezers to using stamps or even a crayon to color-in the dots, could even be considered a halloween coloring page, but like a mystery picture for little ones. Almost getting them ready for color by number activities later on!
  • Handwriting Tracing – Basically one of the best building-blocks of any worksheet: writing words. Only bonus here is you’re working with a halloween writing paper that the kiddo can identify with.
  • Dot the Beginning Sound – I love this activity. Because it’s not only working with identifying the beginning sound, but it’s also shape identification and fine-motor skills. I just love the sheets that hit on multiple learning tools.
Free Printable Halloween Fun Worksheets for Lower Elementary

Fun ways to use this printable:

I know that the idea of just handing a student a simple worksheet is likely the last “fun” thing that you can imagine doing for yourself or for them, but sometimes, it’s actually a great activity you can have them do to help bolster their learning in a specific area.

So, I make worksheets and writing prompts. And then I find fun ways to include them in our daily exercises. Here’s some fun examples:

Family Game Night

Need a fun (but not too spooky) way to liven-up an evening for everyone under the age of 8 in your house for game night? Break out these printables to give them an activity they can take turns doing.

Playing is a massive way that kids learn and turning worksheets into a game is a seriously great way to help embed those lessons deeper into their little brains.

So, for example, you can all make a game out of breaking-out the syllables of each word on the Syllables Clipping sheet and clapping each syllable before cutting the numbers out.

It may seem like a small thing to you, but the learning will be pretty powerful.

Morning Work

One of my favorite ways to start our homeschool day is with a few minutes of morning work. I make a small packet out of themed worksheets for each week and then, each morning, the kids can do their morning work before we really get started with the day’s lesson plan.

One thing I love about this is that it creates a routine. And routine is super critical for getting into the right mindset for our school day. It also helps kids understand that we’re no longer “playing” but rather we’ve switched gears into the “learning” part of our day where we have to be focused.

The other important thing that morning work can do (and this is why I started doing it, honestly) is it gives the homeschool mom or the teacher a few minutes to get everything together for the next activity while the kiddo works on something actually enriching like word problems.


I know this seems like the last thing a kid would like to be rewarded with, but sometimes my kids just like to spend a few minutes with a coloring page and a crayon. So, if they’ve been working really hard and need a few minutes of “down time”, these easy worksheets really come in handy.

Because the halloween worksheets aren’t “difficult” and are fun to do, in a sense, it makes it almost a relaxing thing to just do the activity and color or write, not having to struggle on things that need a lot more focus and brain-power to get through.

Especially if your kiddo enjoys a particular type of activity (for example, cutting–don’t all kids love to cut?!), you can hand them the Cut-Your-Own-Puzzle sheet and let them just have fun for a few minutes (while they’re secretly still learning).

More Printable Halloween Worksheets:

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