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Chinese New Year Bookmarks Printable Set

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Don’t miss out on this Chinese New Year Bookmarks Printable Set! It’s the perfect way to combine the New Year with reading fun. Pair this with some great book ideas for kids, and everyone will be happy kicking off the creativity with reading and learning.

The great thing about making bookmarks is that they can be unique and build creative confidence. Plus, once you have a bookmark, you must find an excellent book to pair with it!

These bookmarks are great for all ages and a fun stress reliever for adults. Why let the kids have all the coloring fun when you can join right in with them?

Coloring together is also a great family activity that takes minimal time and effort to set up. All you need are some colored pencils, crayons, or markers – and you are set and ready to start coloring.

It couldn’t be easier than that to print and color your very own bookmarks!



What is the learning benefit of bookmark printables?

There are so many great learning benefits to printout out bookmarks at home. First, they encourage the kids to create a bookmark that they love.

Usually, kids buy a bookmark they find at the store or bend the book’s pages. Neither really take a second thought, and they are done and over quickly.

But when they take part in completing the bookmark, it helps to give them the confidence to do it while also keeping reading in their brain.

This makes them want to use the bookmark, which means they’ll want to read more! Talk about a win-win all around!

What it includes:

This Chinese New Year’s Printable Activity includes several pages of different bookmark templates. These bookmarks focus on the Year of the Rabbit since it is now the year 2023!

The fun part about these bookmark printables is that they’re all different and unique. That means you and your child can color some, keep some, and gift some to others.

Spread the love of reading with others and give them a gift they can use daily!

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Fun ways to use this printable:

While it might seem like there are only a few ways to use bookmarks, think outside the box. Yes, it’s meant to be used to mark the pages of your book, but you can do so many other fun activities paired with them, too.

Here are some simple ideas and fun ways to launch, from coloring bookmarks to other activities.

Write a book

Need a new book and don’t have time to get to the library? Challenge the kids to write their book instead! You can give them a topic or let them create one from scratch.

It allows them to explore new worlds, create their characters, and excitingly bring their story to life. For young authors, writing a book is an incredible journey of self-expression and learning that can have lasting effects beyond the book’s scope.

Draw more bookmarks

Once these bookmarks are completed, I’m sure more ideas will be happening and coming to your brains about what to do and create. Use those ideas and have fun with them!

In addition to providing a sensory experience through the tactile aspect of cutting, folding, and gluing, making bookmarks also encourages inventive design.

A once-blank page can be transformed into an artful creation as they ponder different colors, patterns, shapes, and textures.

Do more fun Year of the Rabbit activities

Since 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, find other fun ideas you can do at home to incorporate that knowledge.

Activities such as creating handmade crafts and playing traditional games help to teach children essential practices while providing hours of fun.

Participating in hands-on activities, like constructing lanterns or masks, helps to boost their confidence, creative thinking abilities, and overall feelings of accomplishment.

You can even study some knowledge about different cultures and how they celebrate the New Year as well! The options are endless!

More New Year Activities:

Here are some fun things you and the kids can do at home for the New Year. Celebrate the new start, and have fun doing so!

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