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Free Printable Autumn Fun Worksheets for Lower Elementary

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The leaves are changing so it’s time to bust out these free printable autumn fun worksheets for lower elementary! A handful of great, basic skills-building worksheets with a fun fall theme.

If you’re looking for more fun elementary activities, check out this fun free printable sorting activity I made!

Autumn Worksheets for Lower Elementary School

I love that these fun worksheets for fall are in black and white, allowing the kids to really get in there and color. Sometimes I do sheets in full-color, then I look back and think “why did I do that?!” because, for the kiddos, coloring the worksheets is half the fun.

If you’re ready to get your autumn fun worksheets for elementary, let’s get started!

What are these Autumn Fun Worksheets for Elementary printable?

These free printable fall elementary activity sheets are easy, simple tasks that a kiddo can complete pretty much on their own. Almost like just a handful of pre-made lessons to help support a bigger lesson plan.

So, while I wouldn’t base an entire lesson plan around these fun fall worksheets, I would use them to help support a greater goal.

These Lower Elementary Fall Worksheets include:

  • Spin-and-Color Number Identifying, a great activity that can be used for quick and fast quizzing or a fun (and slower) game.
  • Counting Sets, an easy chance for a kiddo to get their counting practice going.
  • Even vs. Odd Coloring Page, a sorting activity done with coloring instead of cutting out and physically sorting, which activates so many parts of the brain, because you might take it for granted, but sorting is a HUGE part of problem-solving in math, science, and even music!
  • Roll, Color, and Solve Simple Fall Season Math Problems, this is a little more complex than the others, but it can be a fun activity to introduce simple math problems (meaning you work through them together with your child) or this could be a fun way to help keep those simple math skills strong.
  • Describe Me Autumn Themed Activity, I love this activity, it’s so fun, but it brings together all of your child’s skills in describing (language), counting (math), animal and plant categorization (science), and more!
  • Punctuation Practice, a great way to introduce the way we punctuate and why–and a super fun way to work in how it changes a sentence when you put different punctuation on it.
  • Descriptive Sentence Writing Prompts, my favorite subject, and also one that my kids need to work on.
  • Fall Essay Prompt, a simple, great way to get those creative juices flowing and learn about structuring a story.
Free Printable Autumn Fun Worksheets for Lower Elementary

Fun ways to use this printable autumn worksheet for elementary:

I know that the idea of just handing the kiddo a worksheet is probably the last fun thing that you can imagine doing, but sometimes, it’s actually a great activity you can have them do to help bolster their learning in a specific area.

So, I make worksheets. And then I find fun ways to include them in our daily exercises. Here’s some fun examples:

Make It a Game

This really works best if you have two kiddos working on the same thing, but you can play it with your child, if you’re the only one there. But, there are a couple of sheets that call for spinning or dice rolling.

Have the kids take turns spinning or rolling the dice and then they both get to color or solve the fall leaves problem as part of the “game.”

Morning Work

One of my favorite ways to start our homeschool day is with a little morning work. I make a packet out of the worksheets for that week and I then, in the mornings, the kids can do their morning work before we really get started.

One thing this does is creates a routine. And routine is so important for getting into the right mindset for school.

But the other important thing that morning work can do (and this is critical) is give the homeschool mom or the teacher time to get their stuff together for the next activity.


I know this seems counterintuitive, but sometimes my kids just like to color something. So, if they’re doing really well on a harder task and need a break, these easy worksheets really come in handy.

Because the autumn leaves worksheets aren’t “hard” and they’re almost games, in a sense, it makes it almost a relaxing thing to just do the activity and color or write, not having to work so hard on things that need a lot more power to get through.

Particularly the game autumn fun worksheets work best for the rewards. But, if you have a child who likes to color, even coloring-in the decorative frames on each page is going to give them a relaxing, additional activity to enjoy as a treat.

More Printable Worksheets:

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