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Letter U Umbrella Craft

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Use this Letter U Umbrella Craft to get the kids excited about learning! Alphabet printables are an excellent activity for the kids; crafts like this help!

Teaching the kids the alphabet letters doesn’t have to be complicated. This printable activity is perfect for hands-on learning fun. Just print and let the kids get started!

The fun part about this craft activity is that the kids can work on it individually. Once they get done, they’ll have the cutest umbrella craft that they were able to complete all on their own.

What is the learning benefit of this printable?

Crafting and alphabet learning is quite the force! Once the kids realize they’re learning all about the letter U, they’ll already be done with the craft and have something fun to show for all their hard work.

This simple craft works fine motor skills and also helps with letter recognition.

What it includes:

There are multiple pages included in this printable craft activity. The pages take the kids through the process step-by-step so that they can complete it.

They’ll be able to follow directions and have the same result as the umbrella craft quickly.

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Fun ways to use this printable:

While I’m a big fan of this craft as it is, you can easily use it to launch other learning options, too. Here are some great options that you can do to complement this learning activity!

Create more letter U crafts

There are a plethora of letter U crafts for kids to explore beyond the umbrella craft. One alternative craft is creating an under-the-sea diorama with unbleached coffee filters and watercolor paints.

Younger children can enjoy cutting out and decorating unicorns from construction paper or foam sheets. Creating a ukulele out of cardboard and string for more advanced crafters provides a fun and creative challenge.

Additionally, using uncooked lasagna noodles, children can create unique and colorful necklaces or bracelets.

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Go on a walk in the rain

Wait until it is raining (with no lightning or worry of bad weather!) and take the kids for a walk in the rain! This is the perfect way to talk about umbrellas and then put them to use!

Take turns holding the umbrella and then talk about how umbrellas work. You can even talk about how umbrellas are considered bad luck if opened up in a room or inside a house.

Umbrellas are also a great topic to discuss as they can help shield from rain and sun!

Make other letter U crafts

Creating a unique umbrella using construction paper and pipe cleaners for the handle is possible. Another option is making a UFO from a paper plate, aluminum foil, and markers.

Additionally, an underscore craft can be a fun way for children to practice handwriting and learn more about punctuation.

These letter U crafts offer a variety of hands-on opportunities for children to learn and play.



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