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Awakening Kingdoms Review

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I love hidden object games a lot. They are one way I love to relax when I do get the chance to do that, which lately hasn’t been too often. Since I was given the chance to review Awakening Kingdoms for Big Fish Games in exchange for an honest blog review, it gave me the chance to relax without feeling guilty for it.

In this game, it my job, as a royal steward, to restore the kingdom back to its former glory prior to the destruction from the war against Dreadmyre. I can say that this game has me stumped pretty early in the game. However, there are several strategy guides available to help you out.

Awakening Kingdom Review

I love the graphics in this game. I enjoy the challenge behind it even if I do have to use a strategy guide to help me along. Of course, I have to do the same thing in my beloved Mystery Case Files: Hidden Object games from Big Fish Games.
Check out this preview:

I am enjoying the different aspects to this game. There is hidden object, puzzle challenges, and even the ability to decide how I want to create things. I also have to be strategic about how I spend my funds that I’ve earned throughout the game. If I take too long to find something then the item loses its value. The old saying “time is money” certainly comes into effect when you play this game.

There are some extra steps in this game that I do think could be taken out, but it’s not excess like it was in Antique Road Trip American Dreamin. It wasn’t over powering or overwhelming.

I feel that someone who enjoys a challenge and hidden object games will enjoy this game a lot. You can get now get Awakening Kingdoms for your iPad or iPhone or for your PC.  This game is especially made for women 35-70 years old. This is a game that will continue to have additions to it each month with new locations, characters, and quests.

You can find more information by visiting Big Fish Games website. You can connect with Big Fish Games on Facebook and Twitter.

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