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Overnight Breakfast Casserole Recipes

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You’re going to love this massive list of Overnight Breakfast Casseroles. We’re huge fans of make-ahead breakfast casserole recipes and these are some of our favorite ways to start the day. Waking up in the morning with a delicious breakfast ready and waiting just might be one of the best feelings, ever. Make certain to check out our list of yummy breakfast recipes.

From recipes that you can bake in the morning to great ideas for Christmas breakfast, too, you just can’t go wrong with this list of easy recipe options for breakfast.

so many delicious breakfast casserole recipes

Finding the perfect breakfast bake isn’t hard, and this list is the proof. We’re always fans of making French toast casseroles, breakfast sausage casseroles, cinnamon roll casseroles, and more. In fact, our Christmas morning breakfast typically falls into one of these options.

What is the benefit of making breakfast ahead of time?

Being able to make it ahead and pop it in the oven when you’re ready to eat is a huge time saver. This saves my sanity and clears up my mornings and that is something that I love!



What are the most common items to add to breakfast casseroles?

While you can literally add in pretty much any ingredient that you want, some of the most common breakfast ingredients are eggs, hash browns, or a fun egg mixture combination that can include a variety of spices from salt and pepper to red pepper flakes for a little heat.

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Overnight Breakfast Casseroles

This list of overnight breakfast casseroles is a great way to cook up some amazing recipes for breakfast that taste awesome!

Don’t forget that you can also sneak in some other fun ingredients like leftover sweet potato for natural sweetness or turn your leftover bread into some pretty great bread pudding casseroles that you can easily consume for breakfast.

over 15 casseroles for breakfast or brunch

Which of these overnight breakfast casseroles are you excited to make first?

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