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Over 15 Olaf Crafts and Snacks for Kids

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Who isn’t obsessed with the Disney Movie FROZEN? Exactly. We all are. Moms, Dads, Grandparents and Kids. It is a great movie! We all have our favorite characters. Of course we all love Elsa & Ana, Sven and more. But Olaf is truly the best. We all know it. He is the cutest and funniest snowman ever. He is adorable and smart and loving. Poor thing doesn’t know what happens to him in the summer, but it’s okay! Do you want to build a Snowman? Check out these awesome Olaf Crafts and Snacks for Kids. They are the cutest, and go great with Winter.


Over 15 Olaf Crafts and Snacks

This super cute craft is made from something recycled. The Recycled Olaf Cd is a great craft to make. I’m sure you all have old C.D.s you could let your child use to make this craft.

Olaf Apples are a great snack. These would be great to make for your class at school, or a birthday party.

The Olaf Salt Dough Ornament is another great craft. This could be precious for a new baby, or even your toddlers. It is very sweet and can be reused on your tree through out the years.

The Olaf Cup craft is a very simple craft. It’s just something cute to make of Olaf while watching the movie.

The Olaf Puppet Craft uses a paper plate and a few other things. This is another simple craft but very cute. Let your kids make these cute puppets and play pretend being Olaf.

Olaf Banana treats look so yummy. These make a great snack, or even breakfast. They are such a cute treat and actually healthy as well.

An Olaf Toilet Paper Craft is sure to be super fun. Using an old toilet paper roll, construction paper, glue and scissors, your child can make their own Olaf.

The Jointed Olaf Figure is a bit harder but very neat. Of course they will need your help on this craft. They can make an Olaf that moves around.

O is for Olaf  is a great learning craft. While making Olaf, they can learn about the letter O and the sounds it makes. What a great idea, right?

The Olaf Snow Globe would make a great gift. Your child can make one of these adorable Olaf Snow Globes for a friend or family member, or keep it for themselves in their room. This is a very easy project, but turns out very pretty.

Olaf Ice Cream, YUM! Of course this isn’t a hard to treat to make, but it is very delicious!

olaf crafts and snacks

The Olaf Finger Puppet is so cute. Make all of the characters from Frozen, and your child can have their own puppet show, and make up their own version of Frozen.

These OLAFfles (Waffles) are the best. I mean really, how adorable? You will surely be Mom of the year if you make these awesome Olaf waffles for breakfast!

The Olaf Sock Snowman would make a great cuddle buddy. Your child will have no problem making this sock Olaf, and falling in love with it.

You had me at “no sew”. This DIY No Sew Olaf Blanket is extremely easy and fun. Make your little one, or let them help you with an Olaf blanket for their room.

A great idea for you super crafty Moms is to make an Olaf Crochet Hat. This would make a great gift. Your little one can wear it when it gets chilly outside, and be totally in style.

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