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Famous Mississippi Recipes

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Famous Mississippi Recipes include steamed blue crabs, Po’Boy sandwiches, barbecue ribs, mud pie, caramel cake, and fried catfish. These popular recipes will remind you of the best part of being in Mississippi.

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The feature pin with four famous Minnesota foodsThe feature pin with four famous Mississippi foods

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Mississippi is known for its bluegrass music, magnolia trees, southern food, catfish, cotton, and its role in United States history. 

These 10 food categories include three recipes each from notable professional chefs and home chefs with the recipe testing and dish development done for you. These are famous Mississippi recipes and all you need to do is enjoy the wonderful combinations that make these dishes uniquely Mississippi.

Blue Crabs 

Steamed or boiled blue crabs pulled out of the ocean the same day can’t get any fresher. They’re often steamed in beer and seasoned with Old Bay. Get your hammer and fork ready! 

Po’Boy Sandwich  

These sandwiches are made with freshly baked hoagie rolls, crispy fried shrimp, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and mayonnaise. They can also be made with fried catfish, fried oysters, or roast beef and gravy. 

Barbecue Ribs  

Anything barbecued is popular in Mississippi, especially ribs. Coated with a dry rub and slow-cooked until they fall right off the bone is absolutely delicious. 

Mud Pie 

This decadent cake is made with a chocolate cookie crust, vanilla ice cream filling, and topped with whipped cream, chocolate cookie crumbs, and fudge. It’s a seriously tasty dessert. 

Caramel Cake 

 Caramel cake is creamy and delicious. It’s made with a light and buttery cake layered with caramel frosting and then covered with the same frosting all the way around. It’s perfect for birthdays, holiday celebrations, or really any get-togethers. 

Fried Catfish

Fresh catfish coated in seasoned cornmeal breading and then fried and served with lemon wedges, tartar sauce, and french fries are a delicious southern meal.

Comeback Sauce 

This sauce is used all over the south to dip all kinds of fried foods. It’s made with mayonnaise, ketchup, hot sauce, and seasonings. It’s seriously addicting! 


Crawfish boiled, steamed, or chopped up and served in other dishes are a staple of Mississippi. These famous Mississippi recipes are often served with a butter sauce you’ll want to drink right out of the container. 

Black Bottom Pie 

This icebox cake is made with a graham cracker crust, layered with a creamy chocolate filling, topped with a luscious meringue, and frozen overnight. There are a few steps to get this just right, but it’s so worth it.  

Kool-Aid Pickles 

These fun, brightly-colored dill pickle spears are soaked in kool-aid mix and water. You can eat them after about a week of brining. 

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