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Educational Chicken Lifecycle Worksheets

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These Chicken Lifecycle Worksheets are a great way to learn about the chicken life cycle. Learning about life on the farm is a learning lesson for kids. They’ll love to be able to work on their fine motor skills while also learning about raising chickens at the same time.

Be certain to pair this up with our farm animals unit study as well. They’ll go perfectly with these sheets on how to learn about the life cycle of a chicken. This is the perfect preschool activity to help children learn.

If you pair this up with other animals, you can have a whole farm-themed unit study for the kids. Use these life cycle printables as a fun way to help them learn all they can about chickens.

What is the educational benefit of this printable?

These printable activities will help your kids learn more about chicken hatching. It’s a fun way to supplement something new in terms of lesson plans and is a fun way to do something other than social studies or science worksheets.

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What it includes:

These chicken life cycle worksheets include:

  • Chicken life cycle
  • Life cycle of a chicken cut and paste
  • Chicken trace and count
  • How many chicks in all
  • What’s inside an egg?
  • Number countdown
  • Label a chicken



Fun ways to use this printable:

While you can pair this up with your farming unit studies, don’t forget to use these worksheets for other fun learning activities, too.

Plan a visit to a farm

If there is a local farm that you can go to, do so! The kids will love being able to get to a farm and check out all the animals. Going to a fun farm is a perfect day outing.

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Use these great resources for more learning fun. Simply click the image to see the learning activity!

Start to raise your own chickens

If you’re thinking that you’re reading to raise your own chickens, this lesson plan can help you get ready to do just that!

Read books about chickens

There are so many great resources out there to read and learn about chickens. Use these printables as a launching pad to learn even more.

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