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Farm Animals Unit Study

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Farm animals have fascinated children for eons, am I right? So, if you can take something your children love and turn it into a full-blown study, what are you waiting for?

Work your way through our Farm Animals Unit Study as you and your children learn all about these fun animals.

Farm Unit Study By Animal:

A Unit Study is a great way to cover all subjects while sticking to one big theme.  I will try to include resources for every subject, but you may need to adapt some things to fit the age of your children.  

Themed unit studies are a great way to help kids learn about various topics.

The Farm Animals set of Fact Files contains the following animals:


18 Cute Chick Crafts and Activities

Books about Baby Chicks

Chickens Complete Unit Study

Find the Letter C is for Chick

Educational Chicken Lifecycle Worksheets


Donkey at the Farm Books

Donkey Crafts and Activities

Find the Letter D is for Donkey


Books about Goats

Find the Letter G is for Goat

Goat Crafts and Activities


Find the Letter G is for Goose

Goose and Gander Books for Kids

Goose Crafts and Activities


Books about Laying Hens for Children

Find the Letter H is for Hen

Hen Crafts and Activities

Holstein Cow

Books about the Holstein Cow

Find the Letter H is for Holstein Cow

Holstein Cow Crafts and Activities

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Find the Letter H is for Horse

Horse Crafts for Preschoolers

The War Horse Movie Worksheets

Jersey Cow

Books about the Jersey Cow

Find the Letter J is for Jersey Cow

Jersey Cow Crafts and Activities


We have tons of resources about pigs, including an entire 3 Little Pigs Unit Study for you are your children.

Cute Piglet (from Pooh) Crafts

Find the Letter P is for Pig

If you Give a Pig a Party Printables

Mmm… Mmmm… Muddy Pig Preschool Crafts

Peppa Pig Crafts for Kids

Peppa Pig Toys for Toddlers

Pig Activities for Toddlers

Pig and Piglet Books for Kids

Pig Art Activities

Pig Crafts and Activities for Kids

Pig Crafts for Spring

Year of the Pig Activities for Kids


Books about Roosters

Find the Letter R is for Rooster

Rooster Crafts and Activities

Rooster Crafts and Activities for Kids


Find the Letter S is for Sheep

Sheep at the Farm Books

Sheep Crafts for Preschool Children


Educational and Fun Rabbit Lifecycle Worksheets


Find the Letter T is for Turkey

Turkey Books for Kids

Turkey Crafts for Kids

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General Farm:

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