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Rosa Parks Handwriting Worksheets

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These Black History Month Printables: Rosa Parks Handwriting Worksheets will help your children learn about Black History and Rosa Parks while helping to improve their handwriting skills. 

3 Full pages of Black History Month Printables.  Knowing what we know about her the words “All I was doing was trying to get home from work” are chilling!

Black History Month Handwriting Printables

I have been sharing some free Black History Month Printables and other resources to help you in your teachings of Famous Black Americans and the history of our Nation. 

I hope you find these homeschooling freebies useful for you in your home-school classes!

What are some facts about Rosa Parks?

Rosa Parks is an iconic figure of the Civil Rights Movement; her refusal to give up her seat on a segregated Montgomery bus in 1955 sparked the Montgomery Bus Boycott and, ultimately, helped end segregation in the United States.

However, few people probably know that she was an accomplished seamstress before her involvement in civil rights activism.

She was also involved in numerous other civic-minded organizations, such as charities, civic and political committees, and fundraising events.

Additionally, Rosa Parks initially began advocating for civil rights before her bus boycott incident with the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.)

Perhaps lesser known is that after her historic moment on the Montgomery bus, she worked for many years as a hostess at a federal courthouse.

She was honored with numerous awards over her career, including receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Bill Clinton in 1996. Rosa Parks indeed led a remarkable life well deserving of recognition.

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How did Rosa Parks change the world?

Rosa Parks is often remembered as the woman who sparked the channel for Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

On December 1, 1955, Mrs. Parks, an African-American living in Montgomery, Alabama, was asked to move her seat on a bus for a white passenger even though she was sitting in an area designated for Black passengers.

Despite pressure from the passengers, police, and driver to move from her seat, she refused and subsequently was arrested.

This brave act ultimately triggered boycotts and protests throughout Montgomery, which lasted more than a year and served to desegregate public transportation throughout many parts of the US.

Her refusal to relinquish her seat was highly symbolic and triggered more significant acts of civil disobedience that extended into other realms of American life related to segregation.

Rosa Parks’ stand exemplified perseverance and challenged inequality with great courage. She is one of America’s most influential civil rights icons and changed attitudes throughout American society and the world at large.

Rosa Parks Printables

What were Rosa Park’s strengths? 

Rosa Parks was a prominent figure in the civil rights movement, and her strength as an activist was truly remarkable. She was known for her unwavering courage, poise, and determination to stand up against injustice.

Her strength of conviction enabled her to act fearlessly despite the social context of racial segregation that prevails even today.

Additionally, Rosa had a unique ability to unify people towards a common cause, something she displayed during her involvement with the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Perhaps most significantly, she was brave and principled due to her commitment to non-violence, differentiating her from later civil rights activists who adopted more militant approaches.

Overall, Rosa Parks’ many personal strengths lead her to become an inspirational symbol of resistance and hope that continue to inspire individuals worldwide.



What do people admire about Rosa Parks?

Rosa Parks is one of the most highly respected figures in American History for her role in the civil rights movement. Her peaceful yet powerful demonstration of defiance against segregationist policies continues to inspire people worldwide.

People admire her for her commitment to her beliefs, especially in the face of adversity and possible risks to her safety.

Her refusal to move sparked a Montgomery bus boycott that helped overturn the city’s segregated transportation system.

Rosa Parks’ name has become synonymous with courage and dignity as she used non-violent resistance to challenge an unjust system peacefully. This act inspired countless future civil rights activists, opening up a new era where activists could fight for civil liberties outside the law courts.

Thus, we can see why Rosa Parks is so admired; she paved the way and showed many that one person could make a difference while standing up for their beliefs.

Did Rosa Parks start any charities?

Though Rosa Parks had become a powerful symbol of the Civil Rights Movement, her works continued to extend beyond that. She established a nonprofit organization in 1987 called The Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development to offer mentoring programs for young people.

Undoubtedly, Parks made numerous efforts to place young people on the path toward success and educational advancement, thus cementing her legacy as something greater than merely notable involvement in civil rights activism.

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Rosa Parks Printables for Homeschool

How does the legacy of Rosa Parks live on?

The legacy of Rosa Parks continues to have a profound impact on society worldwide. Her seemingly small but momentous act of refusing to give up her seat on a segregated bus in 1955 became a part of the Civil Rights Movement. It ultimately resulted in the desegregation of public transportation in Montgomery, Alabama.

Years later, her protest is still widely celebrated as a symbol of courage and inspiration for civil rights activists everywhere.

Through numerous awards and honorary recognitions, the impact Rosa Parks has had on the lives of many is easily seen.

Her activism laid down an indelible blueprint for generations that followed to continue the pursuit of change and justice.

Black History: Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks is one of the most famous Black Women in our American History!  She stood up for her rights and beliefs against all odds! 

I love teaching my boys about equality, respect, and personal strength Rosa Parks is definitely someone I bring up when teaching these virtues!  Here are some famous quotes to use in your handwriting practice from this great Woman!



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