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Three Little Pigs: Math Activities and Freebies

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When you’re teaching toddlers, preschoolers, or kindergartners, the classic story of The Three Little Pigs is a wonderful way to work on storytelling, reading, and memory. But did you know you can also use this classic tale to teach math?

There are some great math activities to get you started using the 3 Little Pig Theme with kids. Besides, math is always more fun when three little porkers and big bad wolf are involved! The Three Little Pigs math activities below feature learning ideas to teach counting, shapes, sequencing, STEM engineering, and more! Why not try a few with your kids?

For more Three Little Pigs fun, don’t miss this printable Word Find Placemat or this Three Little Pigs Mask Craft!

Three Little Pigs Math Activities

Three Little Pig Math Activities:

1. These Three Little Pigs Story Sequencing Cards are a wonderful way to introduce ordinal counting to kids. Use them to talk about what happened first, second, third, and so on in the story!

2. Want a little science to go along with your math?  There is a complete lesson plan for Preschool Science over at Association of Library Service to Children.

3. Include STEM in your lesson plan with this Three Little Pigs Pretzel House Building Activity! Challenge the kids to build a sturdy structure out of pretzel sticks!

4. This free Problem Solving Worksheet based on the Three Little Pigs focuses on adding, money, odd and even numbers and more.  It is designed for grades 2-3 and includes an answer key at the bottom of the page.

5. Pick up these printable Three Little Pigs Tot and Pre-K Packs for some awesome lessons you can use with young ones! There are counting activities, tracing work, and sequencing lessons included!

6. Teach little ones to recognize 2D shapes with this easy Three Little Pigs Circle Pig Craft for preschool! Kids can identify the circles and then use them to build pigs!

7. These printables featuring a Three Little Pigs theme include 40 pages of sight words, story cards, and beginning sounds.  This is enough for an entire preschool unit!

Three Little Pigs Math Activities for Kids to Try

8. Think you can handle the Three Little Pigs for a whole month?  This pre-K took on the challenge and documents all the activities for your benefit!  Check out Core Knowledge for a little of lesson and activities for a whole month of Pre-K activities based on the Three Little Pigs.  

9. Looking for a little something extra to go with all this math learning?  Head on over to Bright Hub Education for some Three Little Pig Art Activities.  I especially love the little balloon pig! 

10. Use this Three Little Pigs Architectural STEM Challenge to introduce your kids to engineering! There are printables to help kids think up a design and then execute it after reading the story!

11. Have you ever tried tangrams? They are paper triangles that you use to construct shapes and pictures and they’re a great hands-on activity for math lessons! This Three Little Pigs Tangram Shape Building activity is a cool way to incorporate design with storytelling!


Click Here for 3 Little Pigs Preschool Cutting Practice Worksheets


12. Do your kids love LEGO building? Break out the blocks to try this Three Little Pigs LEGO STEM Engineering Activity and see who can build the best home!

Three Little Pigs Math Activities for Kids

The Three Little Pigs Math Activities and Resources:

Add more fun based on the Three Little Pigs with these affiliate resources from!

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