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15+ Simple Size Activities for Preschoolers

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These size activities for preschoolers are perfect for “big” ideas for little ones to explore! Preschool learning activities are a great way to have hands-on fun!

Preschoolers are almost always obsessed with “big.” Whether grabbing a ruler or measuring tape and measuring everything in sight or waking up practically every morning and wanting you to measure them, size is a “big” deal to them. Why not give them the big scoop on measurement?

Feel free to look through this list for size activities for preschoolers to teach your kids about big and small. Plenty of adorable ideas and hands-on activities will bring smiles to your kids’ faces!

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Why is it important to teach kids about size differences?

Size awareness is crucial to developing children’s spatial skills and understanding of relationships between different-sized objects and their environment.

Awareness of size allows children to explore their world, build problem-solving skills, develop creativity, boost self-confidence, and create physical safety.

It also provides an understanding of fundamental concepts such as surface area, volume, and capacity – all essential to learning to thrive in the world.

Furthermore, size awareness promotes an appreciation for art, design, architecture, and other aspects of aesthetic beauty in our everyday lives.

Helping kids understand size allows them to see the world from multiple perspectives; it fosters respect towards differing sizes and encourages them to think beyond what is ‘normal.’



How can I make size learning fun for kids?

Teaching children about sizes can be a fun and engaging experience as long as you make it interactive.

Games like making towers with blocks or Legos can allow kids to figure out what sizes fit together and which don’t.

Puzzles also come in many sizes, so they can practice sorting different items by size.

For example, if you have a toddler, putting together large jigsaw pieces is an easy way to teach them spatial reasoning while having fun.

You can also use everyday household objects like cups and spoons to show your child the difference between small and large.

Invite them to play dress up using clothing of varying sizes or create a scavenger hunt for hidden objects of different shapes and sizes throughout the house.

In all cases, remember that enthusiasm for learning about sizes is key to any meaningful learning experience!

Simple Size Activities for Preschoolers

Are you ready to see all the fun preschool activities? They’ll know how to identify sizes in no time at all! Perfect for early learners!

Simple Size Activities for Preschoolers

These size activities are great for teaching kids the difference between big and small items.

Size Activities for Preschoolers Resources:

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