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Back to School Sorting Activities

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Back to school is right around the corner! Who is ready for some back to school sorting?

When back to school is around the corner, I like making sure the kids are as ready as they can be!

Keep reading to discover how you can teach your kids a few extra things before school starts!

8 back to school sorting pages

Sorting is actually a lot of fun! You’ll find that kids of all ages enjoy sitting down to sort.

All it takes it a little help from mom and dad and they will be on their way.

This is a great skill for those in early childhood.

What is a Sorting Activity?

A sorting activity is very simple. It’s when a child has the ability to identify what is similar and what is different.

When it comes to sorting, this type of activity will help in many other subjects such as math, science, and even music!

Back to school sorting worksheets

What skills does sorting teach?

You may be wondering what skills sorting teaches, it’s simple. Sorting teaches skills that kids can’t learn anywhere else.

Sorting helps kids learn find motor skills. It also helps establish learning independence and thinking skills.

What the worksheet set includes:

This printable worksheet teaches many kinds of sorting. It teaches number sorting, letter sorting, syllable sorting, and back to school sorting.

While colors and numbers are the most popular kind of sorting, there are other types out there.

Back to School Sorting Activities for Preschoolers

Fun ways to expand on this printable set:

While worksheets are fun, they aren’t the only way to teach or reinforce sorting.

The following activities will be so fun for the children that they won’t even know they are learning!

Morning Work

Whether you home school or are a teacher, this type of sorting is great for morning work.

When your kids first sit down at their desks, they can expand their mind a little.

This school year is going to be amazing in the learning department.

BTS sorting and classifying activities for preschool

Back to School Night

Is your church or group having a back to school night? You totally can with these fun Back to School Sorting Activities.

The kids will have so much fun doing them, they won’t even know that they’re learning.

Family Game Night

Does your family have a game night?

If you like to keep the younger kids busy with activities, it’s time to bust out the Back to School Sorting Activities for family game night.

Of course, it’s more fun if you do it at the start of the year.

back to school sorting worksheets for preschoolers and lower elementary

More Fun Sorting Activities:

cut and sort activities for back to school

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Thursday 15th of August 2019

Very cute worksheets! They look like they are a lot of fun.